Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sunday Funday


First, I'm going to give you the "sugar coated" post and then I'm going to give you the "reality" post. Sugar coated post--I've told my hubby many times how I would like some cornstalks to decorate with. Today he tells me he is going to put some up for me. What a sweetheart, he's always willing to make my "wants" come true, bless his heart! Ok, now here's the reality post--Hubby tells me he's going to put some cornstalks up for me so I excitedly go out to help him. It's right in the sun and it's hotter than hot. He's a fussin, cussin and sweatin the whole time! He's complaining that he is going to have to go without lunch because it's about time for the game (Vikings) to start! I'm out there rolling with laughter cause he can say the funniest things when he's mad! The neighbors probably thought we were crazy. But in all honesty, he really is a sweetheart and one of the reasons I love this guy so much is he is constantly making me laugh! He really does always try to make my "wants" come true even if he's not always crazy about some of them, lol!



  1. What a nice thing to do. Hoping your Sunday was awesome.

  2. Your post made me laugh, we are the same way, mine just makes me nuts though, lol.
    There is the posts where I see things through rose colored glasses and the in between that I don't mention;)


  3. LOL Its the same with Bob and I. When we are at the store we are always bickering back and forth so much that sometimes we forget that customers are in there and they think we are crazy. We have to tell them that's how we work and all is good, but they probably still think we are crazy. Bob also did not want to work the store the night our Detroit Lions played...and when they lost he said..we should have stayed at the store and finished our display. I only laughed. Glad your cornstalks got put up. Janice

  4. It is almost cornstalk time here too but if the football game with the Patriots is coming on I would be right beside him love the game.

  5. So funny! He loves you or he wouldn't have put up those cornstalks, even if it did interfere with his football game. Hope he didn't get too hungry. he he Hugs. Lecia