Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pinterest Project

While strolling Pinterest one day, I came across these flowers I thought were cute and would be fun to make. I don’t remember who pinned it but there were several different versions of it.  Just needed some scissors, construction paper and glue stick. Simple easy! I took them to school and put them up, after all, April showers bring May flowers!  I decided later it would be cute to make a front and back side to them and then you could place them in a vase.



Speaking of flowers, I need to get busy and plant mine.  At least these don’t take any water!


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Not Today

Sometimes there is just so much drama and daily shenanigans a person deals with, that you just get weary, so when I spotted this ring on Etsy from Oak Hill Designs, I just had to have it!  My little battle armor if you will~


Nope, that’s right….NOT TODAY!

Have a good one!