Tuesday, July 31, 2018

More flowers

Summer is quickly disappearing, and soon schools will be starting back up.  As always time keeps marching on!


I always enjoy my water fountain, so relaxing to sit and listen to.





Rose of Sharon


Non stop Begonias


Course, had to add another coneflower picture!


Last but certainly not least, surprise just because flowers from hubby, he’s the best and definitely a keeper!



Thursday, July 19, 2018

Good Morning~

Coneflowers and Black Eyed Susans, my favorites!




Hubby taking Asher on a little stroll.

20180718_193033 - Copy

Paley says you have to know the password to enter! Silly cat, he loves to get up there!


Just been enjoying the summer which is going by pretty fast I might add.


Have a great day!


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Time Flies

Wow, I can’t believe how fast June is moving right along.  Been spending time with our sweet little grandson.  He brings us so much joy, that’s for sure!

Snapchat-13650152171 - Copy (2)

We found a really nice playground he just loves to play at. He got grandpa to go down the slide with him.

20180609_1241231 - Copy

He has to study the animals in the tree!




Had him in Target one day, don’t think he was impressed much, at least not that day! He’s so funny, he always puts his arms behind his head like that.


Grandchildren…one of the greatest gifts your heart will ever know~


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pinterest Project

While strolling Pinterest one day, I came across these flowers I thought were cute and would be fun to make. I don’t remember who pinned it but there were several different versions of it.  Just needed some scissors, construction paper and glue stick. Simple easy! I took them to school and put them up, after all, April showers bring May flowers!  I decided later it would be cute to make a front and back side to them and then you could place them in a vase.



Speaking of flowers, I need to get busy and plant mine.  At least these don’t take any water!


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Not Today

Sometimes there is just so much drama and daily shenanigans a person deals with, that you just get weary, so when I spotted this ring on Etsy from Oak Hill Designs, I just had to have it!  My little battle armor if you will~


Nope, that’s right….NOT TODAY!

Have a good one!


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Smooth and Messy

I came across this little pencil guy my Grandma Dorothy made years ago. I can remember playing with it at her house when I was young.  You took your hand and smoothed it’s hair nice and straight. Then you placed the pencil in between your hands and moved it back and forth and it’s hair would go all wild and messy. It reminds me how everything can be so smooth and neat one moment and then become all messy the next.  I guess that’s to be expected in this thing called life.  Enjoy every smooth moment and in those “messy” times, remember, this too shall pass!



Wishing you a smooth week!


Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Little Lantern Love

Lanterns. So many different ways to style them and so many different spaces to use them in.


Just change them up by using different florals or maybe go with some greenery. Change out the lighting as well.  A candle, an electric light or in this case a Prairie Pitcher Scentsy warmer.



A cozy mood creator for sure!


Monday, March 26, 2018

Pretty Flowers

We had our 29th Wedding Anniversary this month and Rusty surprised me with this beautiful bouquet! 


When it started to die off I kept plucking out the goods ones and putting them in this cute little owl mug that I found at Walmart. Still liking cute little owls!  I bought it with the intention of using it as a vase. Owl bet you didn’t know that!  ;)

Just in time to welcome Spring!



Wednesday, March 21, 2018


I had never been to a HomeGoods store before but have heard about them and several people mentioning how they really like them.  One day we happened upon one and I just had to check it out. They have a lot of stuff and I think it’s one of those stores where you find something new all the time.  Anyway I had been looking for a laundry basket and came across this one. It was unique in that it is so bendable. It is very soft and pliable and it looks good too!  Every time we use it we comment on how well we like it. It was only a couple bucks more than the average plastic one. I’m really glad I bought it.


Jasper really approves of it too!



Laundry is a little more fun when you have a cute basket to put your clothes in, ha ha!


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Asher’s enjoying John Deere Green this St. Patty’s Day!


Resized_20180317_094620 - Copy

Monday, March 5, 2018

Just jumping on here to let everyone know my computer is down so it may be a week or two before I can post. Hopefully it will be up and running again soon.  Thanks, take care!  Mindy

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dreary Snow Day

My view out the window this morning. So very dismal and not a soul around so it seemed.


Jasper’s expression when I told him it was another wintry mix/snow day.  I think he was in denial!


I’m not much on tomato soup but hubby tried this awhile back and liked it so I decided to give it a chance.  I must say I was impressed. So for lunch on this snow day, I fixed a grilled cheese sandwich and warmed up the soup, quick, easy and good.


Warm thoughts,


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Important Blogger Issue

Please read…it could affect you!

I was enlightened the other day concerning an issue with Blogger that I knew nothing about. Perhaps I’m just late to the ballgame but none the less, I thought I would share with you for those that may still be in the dark. Danice, from Homespun Hannah’s Blog, sent me a message saying that for the past several months she had been unable to comment on several blogs, Blogger has decided that she is a spammer and is blocking her comments. When she does comment she has to do it via another account. She stated she has found no help or option to defend against this.   An unpleasant  thought I must say.

  The only way her Blogger comments will appear on blogs is if the blogger goes to their blogger dashboard, to the spam folder, and mark her comment as “Not Spam” and then  publish it, which must be done for every single comment she makes every time. She has been hoping, and a lot of bloggers have been helping her out with this, that if she is marked “not spam” enough times, she will once again be able to comment. As of yet, not much luck.

Now, here is where it gets really interesting to me, for I didn’t even know there was a spam folder in the comment section of the Blogger Dashboard.  What was surprising to me when I looked in the spam folder, I recognized  a blog friend I follow and who followed me and had left a comment on one of my blog posts back in 2013.  I never saw this comment because it was never published.  Evidently it went directly to this spam folder that I knew nothing about.  So maybe it would be wise of us to check that spam folder now and then to see if any of our blogging friends and their comments are getting lost into this folder.

The scary part is, many bloggers may be in, as Danice puts it “comment jail” and not even realize it.   When you leave a comment on someone’s blog, sometimes it’s published right away and sometimes it says something to the effect of comment will be published after authorization. At this point it could be intercepted or blocked and unless you go back and check to see if your comment made it, it could be possible that it didn’t.  What’s sad is that your friends may think you have stopped visiting or commenting when in reality, you are getting lost in the spam folder.  Just as I felt sad seeing that comment ( left by a friend in 2013) for the first time in 2018. I’m sure when she left that comment, she probably wondered why I never replied, but sadly, I never saw it.  While in the folder, I did mark it as not spam and checked my blog to see if the comment did post, and it was there,(after marking it not spam.)

I hope you are still with me at this point, I know this has been a long post but just wanted to try and make more people aware of this issue.

Thanks for listening, reading and feel free to share.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Soon To Be Heart Day

February 14th is fast approaching.  Still can’t believe January is over and done with!

Screenshot_20160819-044124 - Copy

Got out my battery operated heart lights.


My aunt sent me a picture of some vintage valentines. She guessed some of them to be about 70 years old.


It was so much fun making and receiving valentines as a child. I wonder if I were to make a Valentine box and set it out by my mailbox, if I could get it filled up with sweet valentines?!  Hmmmm….


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Getting Back ON

I guess you could say, I have taken an extremely long break.  I’ve had a few of my friends express some interest in my return. I hesitate sometimes as I wonder if I have anything of interest to share but it has been nice to know I have been missed by some, so I decided I will try and get back on my horse or in this case my blog. My grandson Asher has shown me how to “get back on” and in his case, the chair! lol 


I might not have earth shattering news but I will try and share more as we go forward in the new year!