Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I’ve become really interested in herbs this year.  Didn’t know which ones to buy so I just bought a few that were more popular.  I’m just learning as I go. I’ve already figured out the ones I want to get next year and the ones I don’t. Here is some basil ….


and here it is once I dried it. Hopefully I will have more and I can get my jar filled.



I also planted some lavender. It has a calming scent and promotes relaxation. There are numerous ways to use lavender.



This is lemon balm and it smells amazing!  It can be used in teas, salads, fish dishes. You can freeze fresh leaves in ice cubes for use in beverages. Dried leaves can be used in potpourris. I hung some up to dry.



This is Rosemary.  It is an aromatic herb  most often used in cooking but the scent is great in air fresheners and aromatherapy. Mine hasn’t gotten very big, but my friend clipped a few sprigs off of hers for me and it has since dried.  In 2013, British researchers found that people that sniffed rosemary essential oil increased their chances of remembering the things on their to-do lists by 75%!  Hey….what do you have to lose?!



Here is Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans) .  It smells wonderful too! Pineapple sage leaves can be used dried or fresh. The leaves may be steeped for teas. It will bloom in late summer, early fall.  The flowers of this plant will be intense red.

Herbs have been around a long time and they can be food, medicine or decoration.  I believe there is a lot of benefits in using them.  I never use to be much on gardening except for flowers, but now I’m trying to create a healthier home and lifestyle. I have a long ways to go and I’m just taking baby steps but at least I think I’m headed in the right direction.



  1. Basil is my favorite herb. I make pesto a lot or with fresh tomatoes and mozz cheese with a little oliver oil yummmmm

  2. Your herb garden is wonderful. I have a few and It is fun growing my own and using fresh herbs.


  3. I love herbs too but be careful with Lemon Balm cause it takes over, very invasive.
    Did not know that about Rosemary...cool!

  4. I have become a huge fan of Rosemary,love cooking with this herb and in my herb bed it's the only thing that the rabbits don't eat! Basil is my favorite have a great salad that uses it in the dressing. Joan

  5. Sometimes I grow basil or dill. I think I need to breathe some Rosemary, I tend to be forgetting things lately.

  6. Love your header picture. I want to get more into herbs also, I did plant some lavender this year. hugs, Lecia

  7. I only grow rosemary but I would love to try some more if I just knew what to do with them. I do have some fennel for the butterflies and lots and lots of dill for my pickles. This winter I will read up on herbs. Or I will ask you.