Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Got Nothing!

pcpics 279

What can I say except I got nothing!  I’m afraid I haven’t been a very good blogger lately. I must be experiencing the winter blahs~    Have I been doing anything creative? NO!   Have I been doing anything constructive?  Not really, just the normal routine of working and of course the same old everyday stuff.  I have been watching American Idol, The Voice, and Worse Cooks in America.  I have also been watching The Bachelor.  I have to say, it’s been a different one for sure.  Don’t know about that Juan Pablo!  I will be anxious to see how it ends next week. 

Everybody think Spring!



  1. Hi Mindy, I have kept up with the Voice and the Bachelor, too. I think we all will feel better and have more to blog about when the weather improves! It is nice to see a post and to be able to say "hi." Think spring!

  2. p.s. I just enlarged your this an old ice cream freezer? I can remember being the chosen one to sit on one (on top of a towel) so someone else could turn the crank!!!!!!

  3. I think we all have the winter blues, just waiting for spring, lol.
    I am working on a small project and should finish it by tomorrow.


  4. I love your photo, hang in there Spring is just around the corner. hugs, Lecia

  5. Hello Mindy. This weather makes me feel lazy, lol. 'So ready for Spring. The yellow flowers in the old barrel are very Spring-ish looking :)

  6. Good evenong Mindy. You would think with all the bad winter weather our craft rooms would be full of goodies w have created. You are not alon
    e. I have done near to nothing these cold days. Snuggling has become my favorite past time. Have a great weekend.

  7. I do love the simpleness of the forsythia in your bucket. So sick of Winter though. Janice

  8. not much here but I watch pawn stars, and the cooking show.

  9. Hi Mindy - just seeing the forsythia in the bucket gave me a lift and a reminder that spring is surely just around the corner!
    Be blessed!

  10. Mindy glad to hear from you.
    We all have the winter blahs!!!!!
    40 degrees today and sunny though ...TGIF

  11. Morning Mindy, glad you popped in to say hi, Spring has to come sometimes........I also love watching The Voice and Idol, good singers, Warm Blessings Francine.

  12. Good morning Mindy,it is wonderful to hear from you.I think we all have the blahs after this winter.Lovely display with the forsythia! Be blessed,Jen

  13. You have a lot more than nothing - beautiful forsythia and a perfect prim pail that brightened my morning :)
    Blessings, Patti

  14. I know how you feel but I love your bucket of forsythias! Getting out of my normal routine and attending the shows last week got me back into sewing and dreaming. Spring will be here soon so hang in there! ~Roberta