Sunday, January 26, 2014

How Do You Do It?!

lpcp 1261

It’s been awhile since I have done any stitching. Sometimes I see a pattern that I really would like to make but now I think I know why I keep putting if off.  Today I had to sew a button on a shirt and it was quite the ordeal.  Jasper kept jumping on the shirt, then he would see my tape measure laying in the sewing box and he kept trying to take off with it.  Then just about the time I would get the button lined up where I wanted it, he would attack the shirt again.  Not to mention trying to thread a needle with him there!  So tell me folks, is there a  secret to crafting with a cat around?  I have seen some of your blogs where the cat is sitting there so angelic like watching or perhaps just laying on a piece of material taking it all in.  Not Jasper, he’s doing somersaults, paw swiping, mouth chewing, and tail flopping all the while!  It was a good thing I only had to sew a button on.  I guess he is still in that playful kitten stage.  As you can see above, he does take a nap when I’m NOT trying to work on anything. Maybe I just need to show him the proper way to sew……then again, don’t think it’s gonna work!



  1. You must be making up these stories about Jasper!!!! LOL
    I have the same problem with my six cats. When I am sitting at my desk paying bills, they SIT on my paperwork!
    Best advice: close the door!

  2. Usually mine leave me alone and I never let them into my sewing room, they are way too obnoxious. The big thing Moki does is, try and steal my skeins of floss.


  3. Ahhhh, you mean that sweet Kitty laying there, no way. :) love the picture, Blessings Francine.

  4. Today's craft was cutting old T-shirts into strips and then braiding them so we had die hard interest from one our our cats. I would up making a doll rug and tote and my daughter gave in and made a cat toy with her braided strip, frayed at the end. The cat thinks its the greatest. Our biggest issue is both cats laying on the keyboard when we are trying to type...pick them up, put them on the floor, cat jumps back up so we repeat the process :)

  5. What a great picture of Jasper!
    I don't have a home cat, but the work cat will lie in the middle of my desk on all my paperwork. I put him down, he jumps back up. I put him down, he jumps back up. I guess it's the nature of the beast to annoy :)
    Hugs :)

  6. Hi Mindy, I love your furbaby, he looks like a kitty that I used to have.
    He wants to be a part of the sewing too. hugs, Lecia

  7. My cat Walker pretends he is not interested in sewing, except at night when he can sneak out a doll arm or leg and hide it. He does love homework though and annoys my granddaughter when she is doing hers. Hope you are warm Mindy, we are freezing.

  8. Aw he looks so comfy there Mindy! My kitties sleep, even our kitten Shadow. Guess you have a frisky one. Janice

  9. He looks so sweet and innocent. :)

  10. He will grow out of it, Tucker James did. Then again if you want to stitch any time soon you may have to lock him out of your crafting room.

    He's such a cutie pie.

  11. mindy, I don't have cats, but my son's dog when I dig holes in the yard or garden, or metal detecting insists on digging too, and won't stop barking until I let her. Might be best just to put Jasper in another room, and close the door, or just give up all together, cats rule! :)

  12. We had our dear kitty for 18 years and I do remember that stage. They do grow out of it eventually... I remember waiting for him to fall sound asleep than trying to quietly pull out my sewing :) this to shall pass.
    Blessings, Patti

  13. No cats here but lil' grands that love to "help" and it makes for some interesting times. Hoping you do find some time to do a bit of crafting!

  14. He's too sweet to be mad at! Love the pic of wool work in your header.
    Have fun!

  15. Mindy he's so adorable...when my cats get too obnoxiously friendly I tie a strip of wool into a know and toss it...that will keep them occupied for a bit...but he may just need to grow out of that stage...

  16. To funny.
    I have the same thing here with my Meow Meow.
    I think they may grow out of it.
    But in the mean time.
    My Meow Meow loves playing with the wrapper on my floss while I sew.
    Or soccer with a peanut.
    Warm Woolie Hugs

  17. I think it just depends on the cat. One of my kitties always wanted to be with me when I was crafting but then she'd pull pins out of the pincushion or chew thread--I was always sure she was going to swallow a needle. Sounds like Jasper just loves having you attention--all of it! ~Roberta