Monday, December 16, 2013


I have to share a funny story with you all.  My mom and I were out shopping the other day and went into this little shop.  A very nice older gentleman was tending the store for his wife.  As we were looking around,  he informed us, “My wife called and said to mark down all the Primitive dolls half price.  To me, primitive means ugly, so I just went around and marked down all the ugly things.”

I had to smile to myself because as you know, some people just don’t get “primitive” and they either like it or they don’t.

When checking out, he was making out my ticket trying to write down what I had bought and with a puzzled but serious look on his face he said to me,  “I don’t know what you’d call that thing… maybe you do?”   Every time I think about it, I just burst out laughing.

Although he wasn’t impressed with my purchases, I sure am.  I love my grubby little gingerbread man tied on to a tea stained red ticking candy cane and…

Copy of lpcp 1178 

the little snowman head on an old forgotten door knob, how unique is that?!

Copy of lpcp 1180

Yes, I suppose what appeals to me, to some, may most certainly appear strange to them.  But given the choice over the newest sparkling glassware or an old door knob topped with a snowman head, you can bet your fanciest overalls, I’m gonna go with the door knob! 

Raggedy  Anne  Mindy


  1. Love your goodies! And your header photo..and your wonderful wool creations...they are all spectacular!

  2. Funny story! TFS.... :)
    Most people don't get my style either, although my children have become accustomed to it. Their husbands.... not so much. They say I have lots of scary stuff over here!!! Just makes me laugh, and I tell them they are things their ancestors used and played with, so they should appreciate them. Nope.... they still don't get it!
    I love your purchases and definitely appreciate your style! To me, there's nothing like the stuff from way back when....

  3. JACKPOT! Just love your prim finds, don't know what it is about prim that speaks to our hearts, but I sure hear it calling! Thanks for sharing this awesome story Mindy! ~*~Lisa

  4. I love your saying "bet your fanciest overalls!!!"
    Primitive means many things to many folks ~ but WE know what it means!! ;)

  5. Funny store - it made me smile! Prim creations always seem to have so much more character and a life of their own...that is why I love them!

  6. Those are wonderful and i like the gingerbread idea. I have some that are too soft to stand up, this would be a good idea for them.


  7. Ha! Too cute and so are your purchases.


  8. Oh ya Mindy, me your sweet prim purchases, that ginger is sooooo cute, a Blessings Francine.

  9. Fun story. Love the snowman on the doorknob. I've bought a couple old ones but haven't done anything with them...yet.
    Hugs :)

  10. Ha Ha. We all get it don't we? Loved reading this and your header is wonderful

  11. Been there done that. I've been told my dolls are evil , my stuff must be really old as dirty as it is. You either get it or you don' Lucky for you it was half off! Amy

  12. Old door knobs and ugly scratched up anything for me too! Too funny! Thanks for the laugh!! Janice

  13. Love the one n the knob, that's cute!
    you probably made his day by taking the ginger man out of the shop!

  14. Amen, sister. Yes, folks either love or hate primitives. I once had a gal say to me, "Oh, that's right. You make those voo-doo dolls." I politely smiled.
    But I was tempted to stick a pin in her. ((giggle))
    I love all your new treasures. ♥

  15. Lol Mindy. My grandson calls my primitive dolls "scary". Why do some people think that? 'Mystery to me. Your new prim items are truly adorable.

  16. I love so much your creaturres! ♥♥

  17. Cute story and such sweet purchases! Merry Christmas Mindy.