Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Remember Me?

Hi everyone, hopefully you still remember me! I have been a very bad blogger lately and I don’t have any good excuse for that either other than the daily routine of life seems to keep me busy and time just seems to get away from me but even though I’ve been away from the computer, I’m still always thinking about all my blogging friends and how much I appreciate each and everyone of you!! 

Thought I would take a picture of the tree in my front yard.  So pretty.  Although I took this the other day and it has already lost quite a few leaves.

lpcp 950


I went into a thrift store the other day and found this neat little wooden barrel and a little brown crock, both for $3 each.  It’s always fun when you come across some treasures!  It looks like there are lines on them but that’s just the shadow of my plant sitting next to them.

lpcp 948 I wanted to share my awesome gourd basket I got awhile back that I had Linda Cochran make for me. Love it!  Thanks Linda!

lpcp 892

Now I’m looking forward to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and some pumpkin pie!!



  1. Good to hear from you again Mindy! The tree is in full glory and makes for a lovely view.
    Great barrel and crock, lucky you!

  2. I love the barrel and the crock. What great finds. The tree is so pretty with its yellow leaves. We have one like it in our yard :)

  3. We did miss you Mindy.
    That is a beautiful old tree in your front yard.
    3.00 was a steal...very nice pieces.
    Thanksgiving will be here soon.

  4. great buys!
    really love that gourd basket!

  5. Those are great finds. That gourd basket is so unique. Welcome back

  6. Love love that brown crock.


  7. So nice to see a post from you Mindy. What wonderful finds, sweet little barrel you got there. That gourd basket is so beautiful, prim perfect, Blessings Francine.

  8. Dear Mindy, you can not be certainly forget your pictures and your blog are always one of my favorites ...
    The plant that you photographed in your garden is simply fabulous, I'm speechless for the magnificent color of the leaves and its majesty ...
    Beautiful also the basket ...
    Good afternoon and see you soon
    a hug
    Love et bisous Ve

  9. Great finds at the thrift store - and I LOVE the fabric lined gourd basket - what a great idea! I've grown them before but never thought of doing something like that with them.....

  10. Great thrift store finds and gourd basket.

  11. Your tree is just beautiful....our fall colors are starting to show through,but nothing as beautiful as your tree :) I like what you found while out and about...thrift stores are so fun....blessings friend

  12. Great finds! Don't you just LOVE a bargain ~ or in your case, two? Very cool gourd basket!
    Hugs :)