Saturday, October 26, 2013

Toasty Warm

First of all, thank you everyone for thinking of me during my dental episode.  It’s finally all over with and I’m back to normal again, well as normal as I can be!

The evenings have been getting cooler with November fast approaching.  We have one of these little electrical stove heaters and we just love it.  I love the looks of it with its little logs and flames.  It puts out some nice heat and really warms you up.  We have one in the kitchen and liked it so well we decided we wanted one in the living room too.

lpcp 890


Here are a few outside shots around the homestead.

lpcp 825

Copy of lpcp 533

Copy of pcp 1061

The scarecrow was from a couple of years ago.  Rusty put up the Vikings flag, they’re not doing so great this year :-(

Copy of pcpics 1716

Enjoy the fall before old man winter arrives!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dentist = Scaredy Cat!


Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted.  Just haven’t been feeling that great.  It all started with one tooth.  My mom found this picture and it fits me perfectly because I do not like to go to the dentist!  Talk about fear!   Anyway, I had a tooth that was bothering me so the dentist was going to put a crown on it.  Got in the chair, he gave me shots to numb it, waited awhile and then proceeded to drill away.  Well up goes my hand,  my mouth may feel tingly  but it was definitely not numb.  I could feel everything, so he gave me some more numbing shots and waited.  Tried again and I could still feel it.  Never have had that happen before.  We decided best solution would be to pull it so I got an appointment next day with a oral surgeon.  I was scared to death they wouldn’t be able to numb it either but was told they do it differently than the dentist and thankfully were able to get it pulled.   Had it pulled on Tuesday and by Friday I was still having quite a bit of pain so went back to the surgeon and he said I had a dry socket and then he proceeded to pack it and that hurt like the dickens!   He said I would start feeling better within the hour.  Well it took a little longer but I did finally feel better.  Then Saturday I noticed it was aching just a little and this morning it is aching again too.  I’m supposed to go back tomorrow (Monday).  Hoping I can get it all taken care of and be done with it, don’t like pain!  So if you took my picture right now, I would look exactly like the cat above, no fooling, well, except my eyes would be blue!

Singing the toothache blues,