Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Touch of Fall

Ok yeah, so I went upstairs to hunt up the fall decorations, found the tote and picked out a few things to use, and even with just the few things I picked, I’m thinking where do I put this and where can I put that.  It seems like every year I am bringing down less and less.  I tell myself, if I get that out, I’m just going to have to put it back.

lpcp 791

I can remember thinking, wow, grandma doesn’t really put much out for the different seasons and holidays.  Wonder why she didn’t just embrace it and get all out festive?!   I mean I use to put up three Christmas trees for crying out loud! Well… it’s all starting to make sense to me now, grandma knew what she was doing.  You put it up, you’ll be taking it down and do you really want to go there?

lpcp 787

Simplify simplify… I like that word more and more.

lpcp 783

 I’m guessing we’re all a little like that.  We start out doing it all, we never seem to have enough.

lpcp 776

And before you know it we start wanting to simplify things.  Less is more.

lpcp 773

Each year I’m discovering just how true that is.  Now will that stop me from purchasing something that I just love and calls my name?  No of course not, I haven’t quite reached that point yet but give me time I’m sure I’ll arrive there someday.

lpcp 778

Until then I will just enjoy little bits here and little bits there!



  1. What you have out looks lovely. I am trying to weed out things also. I think less is best at this point in my life.

  2. Hahaha, that is exactly the point I am at lately. Desperately trying to simplify but knowing all too well that I will keep gathering stuff. Your decorations look perfect. Maybe less really is more?

  3. I hear ya Mindy!!
    I was just trying to load my new Fall purchases from Saturday but will try later...blogger not cooperating this morning.
    Everything you did is prim perfect...love your decorating style.
    You have a great touch. All my favs but the white cupboard with the Bittersweet and pumpkin doll is my first fav.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Wow Mindy! What you have done is simply wonderful!

  5. Your simple touches look cozy. I felt the same way this year and kept it simple. Warm Blessings! Amy

  6. Simple and beautiful. Love seeing all your "Maggie" pieces...such lovely work you do.

  7. Gorgeous!! Just the right touches of Fall!!

  8. I love the simplicity, brings the season into your home with just a touch, here and there.
    I was just thinking about that this morning when I looked at the box I bought upstairs, lol.


  9. I can relate! I love your photos today. Everything looks so cozy and festive. Hope you have a nice day!

  10. You are so right! I feel exactly the same way, plus I'm just not into the clutter anymore. Love doing it all at the shop, but when I come home, I need to get away from some of it! Your house looks fantastic!!!

  11. Hi Mindy, yes, I agree on the simplify, but do enjoy the season's and decorating.......you did a wonderful job on the Fall displays, so cozy in your prim home, Enjoyed seeing, Francine.

  12. Your simplified Fall decor looks lovely and I am feeling that way this year. We'll see once I get started if I'll end up putting it all out anyway. Fall/Halloween is my most favorite of all. LOVE your white pumpkins!

  13. I am feeling the same way this year. I'm into less is more. Just want some simple touches. And I absolutely love your fall touches Mindy, just enough. You have a beautiful home.


  14. Mindy, I sooooo agree! Everything looks just perfect. Have you seen Maggie's new book? It's listed on Pickledish. Oh, yeah, I have way too much stuff, but I still pre-ordered the book!

  15. Just lovin your simple fall decor Mindy. Drooling at these pics! ;-) Janice

  16. Your decorating is just lovely - I was talking with my husband today about doing just a little bit less in the decorating. I hope when I get the totes out that I can hold to that.
    But if I see something special I will want it to be out and displayed - how did you keep yourself so disciplined...lol
    So pretty!

  17. The fall decor looks oh so good. My favorite season of the year. I especially like the display you have on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

  18. I understand completly friend :) I love what you did bring out...looks very nice and prim....blessings. I have always loved that picture of the old man turning thanks :)

  19. Wow....this one really hits home for me. I remember thinking that with my mom....and bringing her holiday decorations hoping she would "snap out of it," and enjoy the decorating again....But then it started with me.....First I started eliminating some of the holidays I used to decorate for....then, it got less and less as I thought about taking everything down. Unfortunately, I haven't managed the "simplification" trick yet because I still HAVE all that stuff.... If there were only a cure for the inner squirrel in me..... But, your simplified decor is gorgeous....some really amazing photos Girlfriend!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  20. Your simplified decor is lovely! I wish I could try it, but I just hauled 6 big totes and boxes from the attic filled with Halloween and fall. Sigh...I'll never learn.
    Hugs :)

  21. Mindy, i too have been doing less and less.. love love your prim touches tho! i will be back to take a closer look! enjoy your evening!

  22. When I lost my son I did really the minimum if any at all. Just enough to have a touch for my other children. With the toll of losing my son I have cleaned out so much of the house. No longer have I the energy to clean or decorate anymore so as I put out few fall decorations before my grandgirls visit I am much more content with less and the stress of changing out things. Your fall looks pretty. Lovely scarecrow you have.