Monday, July 1, 2013




Good morning everyone!  Did anyone’s reading list on google disappear?  I see that some of you have joined Bloglovin.  It says you can sign up through Facebook, which I don’t want to do or you can sign up through email address.  To those that signed up, which way did you sign up?  If you signed up through email, did you use your regular email or did you create a new one just to use for your blog?  Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give me!



  1. My list was still there when I came into blogger today and that is what I use to read new blog posts. I did sign up for bloglovin and feedly and prefer bloglovin since they send me a daily digest. I also put a mail link on mine and used my regular email since that is my business one too.


  2. Hi Mindy, so far I have my reading list, I hope I don't loose it. I am not signing up with anything else in case I do. Hope it works out for you. hugs, Lecia

  3. I still have my reading list through Google Chrome. I signed up for Bloglovin with a safe email on gmail. No problems so far.

  4. Hi Mindy!
    My reading list is still there. I am thinking that it is the "reader" that disappeared. (I never used the reader anyways just my list.) I signed up for bloglovin with my regular email since I am not on Facebook. I put a sign up link on my blog. I like it, but figure even if I don't use it much, it is one more way for others to find me:)
    Blessings, Patti
    ps love your kitten photo yesterday. Too cute!

  5. Mindy mine are still showing up which is okay with me.
    I did an export of my list weeks ago and it worked....but....I can't add the bloglovin button to my blog for people to follow. I am happy now with google+
    I used my regular gmail account.
    Good Luck

  6. hi mindy. gfc is not leaving, at least not for now, just google reader. i signed up for bloglovin through my email b/c i rarely ever go to face book. i already had an email account for my homespun hannah's blog, so used that email address. you can import the blogs you follow through bloglovin once you are signed up. people can still follow your blog via gfc, bloglovin, linky followers, or any other followers gadget you have on your blog.

  7. Hi Mindy,
    I added the Bloglovin logo to my sidebar by clicking on someone elses logo - that's how I found it.
    After it was on my site I clicked it, then clicked the lbue heart which is a drop down menu....choose IMPORT FROM READER and walla it will import all the blogs you follow.
    Quite an easy format to follow and I love the way it works better than reader.

  8. Hi Mindy, I have not done anything, just hoping all is ok.....Some said it will stay the same.....Francine.

  9. I signed up to bloglovin just using my regular email. I don't like linking stuff to my facebook account. Not sure why, just like to keep things separate.

  10. I somehow got the bloglovin button to show up on my blog but I have no idea how. I love the dolly in the box on your cute!

  11. Mindy;

    I don't like what I read about the terms of service. What does Sweden have to do with us? I'm confused. Just didn't like what I read.