Thursday, July 18, 2013

It’s Me Jasper…

Hi everybody, I snuck in and wrote this post.  Mom doesn’t know it yet, won’t she be surprised!  I like to climb in and out of things.  The latest thing I discovered I could get into was this neat little contraption. I was having fun and then mom peeked around the corner and saw me.

lpcp 571


Then she disappeared.  I know she went to go get her camera.  For some reason she has to take a picture of everything I do, it can be very annoying at times.   I guess I will sit here until she comes back so she can snap a photo.

 lpcp 577


Ok mom, here I am striking my photogenic pose!

lpcp 579 

Now I’m outta here!!

lpcp 576

Kitty Hugs,



  1. That is one sweet kitty. And yes, aren't you glad you kept him.

  2. Oh Jasper, you are the cutest Kitty, like the hiding spot you found...Hugs Francine.

  3. I think Jasper is destined to be a movie star. Quiet a gentleman in front of a camera, I can see him as some little girls pet on a weekly show

  4. Jasper - This is The Graybinator (aka Shadow) I like to sit in water bottle cases too. I, however, have to wait until my Mom takes about half the bottles out before I can fit inside. Have you chewed through your Mom's phone charger yet? I've destroyed 3 so far this year - they just don't get the hint to hid them. Ha. Your furry friend, Graybinator

    1. Nice to meet you Graybinator! It's a lot of fun getting in those bottle cases don't ya think? I have yet to chew any phone chargers but thanks for the idea, I'll have to give it a try! Sounds enticing!

  5. Jasper really has a cute personality. Sweet little kitty :)

  6. I have happy tears behind my eyes...Jasper is such a sweetie and I could just reach n and cuddle him. I miss my sweet Lola so much when I see your kitty do the things she did.

    Thanks for sharing with us - keep it up Jasper cuz mom won't stop snapping those pictures cuz she knows we love you too!

  7. Thanks for the giggles Mindy!!!!

  8. Yup...he's a keeper!! Keeps everyone in stitches!!

  9. I'm not so much a cat person...allergies. but this little guy is a keeper! Lets hope one day he doesn't squeeze into something too tight! Oh wait, he does have nine lives and a mom with a watchful camera..err...I mean eye :)

  10. Oh... he is the cutest little thing!! Love these pics.... tfs them with us b/c they sure do make you smile!

  11. Adorable. I love that he was in a package of Propel and then "propelled" himself right out of there!

  12. That is priceless! What a cute kitten

  13. Oh my Goodness Jasper you are too cute!! and so good to let mom take your picture! us moms love to take pictures of our fur babes! you be good today and find lots more things to get into!

  14. Can you tell me about the runner on the table in front of the sofa? It's a Maggie pattern, but where from? It's similar to one in the book "Comfort Zone". Did you adapt that pattern?