Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet Jasper

I know I keep repeating myself but I really haven’t been on the computer much. Things have been really busy around here. I have been devoting my time elsewhere lately…. meet little Jasper.

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 His mommy had 3 little kittens out by the fence. We didn’t even know they were there until Rusty took the trash out one day and happen to see them.  I tried not to watch for them or pay much attention to them as I didn’t want to have to start feeding a bunch of cats. Then one night we had a thunderstorm and some hail and the little kittens were out in it meowing.  We went out and tried to put them back under the fence hoping their mama would take care of them.  The next few days we noticed one was missing and then pretty soon another one was missing and there was just this one left. We could see no sign of the mother but kept thinking she would show up.   I left the house one morning for work and this little guy was meowing.  I got to work and kept thinking about this kitten wondering how long he had gone without any food.  I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I called home and had my son go out and get the little one and put it in a box in the basement until I got home.  I stopped at the vet and got some kitten replacement milk and started feeding him and of course we all fell in love with him so needless to say he has a new home.  We are going to make him an inside cat.  There are 3 other grown feral cats that hang out here so one by one I am going to try and catch them and take them to the vet to get fixed.  I realize it will cost me some money but I do not want a bunch more kitties being born and deserted by their mother and leaving me having to decide what to do with all of them, the poor things.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mindy and Jasper


  1. What a sweet kitty and looks like he might have some maine coon in him.
    Can you have your local pound pay for the fixing? I found moki and they said, don't feed him and he will go away, but of course I couldn't, lol. The pound paid for his first shots and spaying, since I didn't have the extra, at the time, then I gave them a hooked rug to sell at the auction.


  2. Oh my goodness gracious! Those big blue eyes just get me! My sister found a Maine Coon Kitten in their backyard after a horrible hail storm. They had to feed him via a dropper. Having adopted him at such a young age and handled him so much, he is the most docile cat I know. Congratulations on your new addition! Hoping that you bring love to each other for years to come!
    Blessings, Patti

  3. Oh my.... cute litttle Jasper. I can see why he won everyones heart. I have a soft spot for kittens. I had a house cat for 13 years until he died. Would love to have another, but we travel too much now and there would be no one home for the kitty. Love those eyes. Have a great week, and you too Mr. Jasper. You are one blessed kitty.

  4. The same thing happened to us years ago. Turned out to be the best little addition to our family!! Jasper looks like he is fitting in nicely! Good for you!

  5. Yay Jasper, brave kitty has a wonderful home now. My local animal shelter has an open door policy as they call it, any and all animals accepted that are in need, no fees, no donations needed to leave an animal with them. Maybe you have one with the same policy to help you when it's time to drop off those feral cats.

    Nancy in MT

  6. Aww!!! Mindy what a cutie! :0)

  7. What an adorable little guy he is. I'm glad you gave him a home. It could be that something got the other kittens possibly a tom, they will kill kittens.


  8. Bless your kind heart Mindy, sweet little Jasper has a good loving home....makes me happy you are keeping Jasper a inside cat, I think it is safer.....Hope you can catch the others to get them fixed......Beautuful Header picture, Francine.

  9. When I brought Ace home, Bob said he saw the letter "S" on my forehead...sucker...yes I was a sucker for that little guy much like you are for Jasper, and he will bring you joy like our Ace does. It takes special folks like you and I to care for animals. Take care, Janice

  10. What beautiful little kitty! I'd have taken him in too if it happened around here. He will bring you lots of joy.

  11. We are going through the same thing! I just can't leave the babies out and let nature take its course. :-( He is adorable!

  12. What a sweetie you are.
    I would have done the same thing.
    Jasper is a lil cutie.
    Woolie HUGS

  13. He is adorable. Rocker is our 6th rescue cat. I tried hard not to get attached but when he showed up hurt badly from a fight, I took him to the vet. Here in GA, I took Rocker to the Humane Society to be neutered - it was about half the cost of the vet. Bless you for saving Jasper. Rocker is about a year old, and has scar tissue all over his body from trying to fend for himself.

  14. Oh, Mindy ~
    Thank you for rescuing that little cutie! I'm sure he will be blessed with a wonderful life with you.
    Pug hugs :)

  15. Mindy you are one kind hearted lady. How we treat the most vulnerable says a lot about our character. Jasper was the name of my older sister's cat, so I always loved that name. He looks like he has some Maine Coon in him, like my Foxy and hope he's as good natured as her as well! He found himself a good home. ~Roberta

  16. Mindy,
    Awwwww! Jasper is so cute! Charlie agrees! ;)You are just so sweet and compassionate. I hope that Jasper becomes a cat that appreciates your love and tender heart and is a good friend to you as well! Animals know when they have been rescued. It amazes me that God allows them that knowledge to create a stronger bond with their new parent. Guess it's God's object lesson for His love for us and what our love for Him should be.

    Thank you for the dose of cuteness! It is greatly appreciated!

    Blessings and hugs!