Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet Jasper

I know I keep repeating myself but I really haven’t been on the computer much. Things have been really busy around here. I have been devoting my time elsewhere lately…. meet little Jasper.

lpcp 105

lpcp 104

 lpcp 102

 His mommy had 3 little kittens out by the fence. We didn’t even know they were there until Rusty took the trash out one day and happen to see them.  I tried not to watch for them or pay much attention to them as I didn’t want to have to start feeding a bunch of cats. Then one night we had a thunderstorm and some hail and the little kittens were out in it meowing.  We went out and tried to put them back under the fence hoping their mama would take care of them.  The next few days we noticed one was missing and then pretty soon another one was missing and there was just this one left. We could see no sign of the mother but kept thinking she would show up.   I left the house one morning for work and this little guy was meowing.  I got to work and kept thinking about this kitten wondering how long he had gone without any food.  I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I called home and had my son go out and get the little one and put it in a box in the basement until I got home.  I stopped at the vet and got some kitten replacement milk and started feeding him and of course we all fell in love with him so needless to say he has a new home.  We are going to make him an inside cat.  There are 3 other grown feral cats that hang out here so one by one I am going to try and catch them and take them to the vet to get fixed.  I realize it will cost me some money but I do not want a bunch more kitties being born and deserted by their mother and leaving me having to decide what to do with all of them, the poor things.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mindy and Jasper

Friday, May 10, 2013

I Got Nothing

Yep, basically I got nothing.  No exciting news, no great happenings, no recent projects, no flower planting going on…..just pretty much, nothing.  Wait….hold on, I did move my Maggie quilt into the dining room from the living room.  When it was in the living room you couldn’t see the bottom of it because it went behind the fireplace so I decided to move it for a change.  Now you can see the whole quilt, but when I did that then I wanted to move the fireplace and when I did that I then had to move a cupboard.  You know how it goes.

lpcp 032

 lpcp 045

lpcp 046

I did manage to go to Sparks, Kansas to a flea market.  It was the first time I had ever been there.  It was very cold, everyone had on coats trying to keep warm. I spent a whopping $2.50.  I’ll show you my finds next time, got to keep you in suspense you know.

My sister in law kindly shared some mushrooms with us.  Her husband found 10 1/2 pounds! 

Can’t wait to taste them!

lpcp 060

Have a great weekend everyone!