Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Mouse and A Chair

Why is it I don’t like a real mouse but I thought this little guy was a cutie.  I picked him up awhile back shopping at Aunt Patty’s Attic in Lincoln.  For some reason he just caught my eye and then hollered at me so I decided to bring the little guy home.  Right now he is in my cupboard but he likes to move around a lot.
lpcp 010
I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  Not much going on.  Haven’t been on the computer as much lately either.  Still waiting for the weather to improve.  It even snowed a little today.  Enough already!
My aunt moved awhile back and was doing some downsizing.  Therefore, I got to bring home her and my mom’s high chair. I was tickled to get it.
lpcp 012
Sure am ready and waitin for some sunshine!  Maybe next week.


  1. Me too Mindy, sunny here but cold wind.....Love your little prim mouse, so great to get the highchair, very nice....Blessings Francine.

  2. Sweet little mousie...and adorable chair! Which I could send you some "warm" hit 90 here yesterday! Yuck!

  3. Oh Mindy, you poor thing. Snow today?? Well it's not 90 as it is at Robyn's but we have 81 today. But with warm weather, we are due for more storms and possible tornados. I would rather have snow. Love your little mouse but that high chair stole my heart. And even more special for you that it was your Mom. I wanted an old wooden high chair for Darbee Rae when she was little but never found one at a price I could afford. Love the sheep you have displayed on it as well. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Wow ... what a wonderful high chair...Looks like a real treasure as is the sweet mouse. It's windy and warming up here in the Mojave Desert. Can't make up my mind if I should put the winter garments up or keep them out a while longer. No matter, just goin' with the flow. Have a Blessed Day, Barb

  5. What a awesome family treasure.
    Cutie patootie mouse too.
    Wishing you warm sunny days soon.
    Woolie hugs

  6. I'm not a mouse lover but he is just too cute. I probably would have taken him home too. The antique high chair is awesome, even better because of the family connection.

  7. love the mouse, thankful it is fun, and not the real kind!
    the chair is precious, and since it is from your family, even better!
    love the sheep on the tray esp. too!

  8. I have a perfectly good mouse trap that I would be more than happy to loan you, did you know that he will invite his friends over? Loved your new/old chair nice for your aunt to think of you when parting with this treasure. Joan

  9. Hi Mindy, I am like you, I am scared to death of real mice, but love the handmade ones. Your mouse is adorable, love your chair and the sheep on the chair, did you make him? hugs, Lecia

  10. What an adorable mouse Mindy! Cute chair too...I would take those kind of hand me downs every day. Janice

  11. No sun here today, just rain, lots of wind and now cold.


  12. Hello Mindy, also here the weather is bizarre and spring you wait!
    Your mouse is very nice and it makes me mad that chair!
    I love everything that is old and with that sheep is wonderful ...
    good Sunday
    A hug and a kiss
    Love et bisous Ve

  13. 'Love the mouse. It is still rainy here also. Still looking for sunshine :)

  14. Mindy ~
    How lucky to have the family highchair! Something to treasure forever.
    I'm with you on the mice. The only ones I tolerate are the stuffed ones.
    Pug hugs :)

  15. What an adorable little rodent!
    And I love the high chair vignette. You are giving me a great idea!

  16. That mouse is adorable.
    The highchair is a special keepsake and looks great.

  17. I love the mouse! Did you give him a name?