Saturday, March 23, 2013



Don’t get me wrong, I love to experience the changing of the seasons.  In the late summer you look forward to cooler days and the beautiful colors of fall. In the fall, you look forward to the first snowfall, Christmas lights, snowmen! Then in the winter, we look forward to spring.  We want to see new life,  pretty flowers starting to bloom, the green grass growing.  Well I am so ready for the snow to be done!  I’m tired of the dreary days.  I want to see sunshine and lots of it!   So bear with me while I whine just a little…




I’m ready for more of this…




So I guess until then I will have to do more laughing to drive that winter from my face!


Have a great day!



  1. Morning Mindy, that's the same way I the changing of the Seasons but the changing into Spring is not happening yet......Great post, made me smile.......LOVE the Header picture, gotta love the colors of the eggs.......Spring Blessings Francine.

  2. Allow me to whine right along with you!!

  3. Feel for all you girls still having so much winter weather. We woke this morning to Spring rainstorms and thunder. Cool temps but nothing white. Soon Sping is bound to come your way. Until then sending a big warm hug your way.

  4. I've been whining too. Your cartoons are funny!

  5. here's wishing you springtime weather next week maybe......i know its way over grandson told me today that he hates is only 7 and is tired of the snow.....i sure wish it would warm up for you....

  6. Can I join the whining club. ready for spring. Loved reading your post. Janice

  7. I have been doing my share of whining too! May we all be blessed with warm sunshine filled days soon.Hugs,Jen

  8. Good Morning:
    I am patiently awaiting Spring as we got more snow last night!
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    Have a wonderful week!
    Michelle / Simple Pleasures