Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flowering Vine

Copy of pcp 11658

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve done any stitching.  I just have to be in the mood for it.  Wish I was in the mood for it more often.  I’ve finally finished this pattern.  In the book it is made into a pillow but I think I will just use it as a table runner.

Copy of pcp 11661

Maggie’s pattern “Flowering Vine” is in her newest book.  It’s always hard to see the true colors of the wools when you take pictures. 

pcp 11676

Now maybe I can get some other projects done while I’m still in the mood, but my mood can change at any moment so who’s to tell?!  I sure admire those of you that can whip out several things at once!

Happy Stitching!


Saturday, February 23, 2013


 I had to change my settings so no one can leave anonymous comments on my blog anymore..  I was getting way too many  Anonymous Spam comments.  I don’t know if anyone else has been having trouble or not but I sure was.  It wasn’t too bad for awhile but then I kept getting more and more.

I also changed the template on my blog and in doing so I’ve had a few little glitches that I’m still trying to get worked out. Sometimes it’s just not easy when you go making changes unless you are editing photos, then changes are kind of fun, and with a few clicks of my mouse I turned my orange, black and yellow to blue and white.

 Copy of pcpics 3139Copy of pcpics 3139

Now that’s a change I can handle!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dreary Snow and Pretty Flowers

The good news is that my pretty Valentine flowers from Rusty are still looking good!

pcp 11647

pcp 11648

The weather on the other hand is not.

pcp 11652 

pcp 11653

pcp 11654

The snow makes everything look dreary!

pcp 11655

That is until you take the flowers outside and lay them in the snow, then it’s pretty!

Copy of pcp 11651


Enjoying my snow day…


Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Little Log Home Revisited

It’s been kind of a boring day so I was looking through some old pictures and found these that I had taken when I decorated my little log home. It started out like this, which is fine but I wanted to change it up a bit.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

pcpics 2669

pcpics 2705

Then we had to put in wood flooring, aka popsicle sticks.

pcpics 2673

pcpics 2678

Fancied up the front porch.

pcpics 2708

pcpics 2706

Then the fun part…decorating the inside!

pcpics 2781

pcpics 2782

pcpics 2783

pcpics 2788

It was a lot of fun. I just wish there would have been lots more rooms to decorate! Maybe I should build on?!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Picked up some new hearts at Sweet Annie’s to add to my collection!

Copy of pcp 11638

Copy of pcp 11643

Have a Happy Heart day!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bird, I Mean Cat Watching

Rusty and I were watching all this commotion out the window this morning. You might have to click on the pics to enlarge them so you can actually see the cat in the bush. He kind of blends in.  I’ve never seen a cat sit on top of a bush before, doesn’t look too comfy to me! These are not our cats by the way.

Can’t you just imagine their conversation?

“Hey, what you doing up there?”

pcp 11628

“Oh man, I hope nobody comes along and sees this!”

pcp 11630


Enter another cat….

“How did she get up there? Did you knock over the ladder?”

pcp 11629



“Nope, no ladder!”

pcp 11633

“I think I will continue to watch from over here and pretend I don’t know her!”

pcp 11636

Silly cats!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And the Winner Is…

I had to wait for hubby to get home so I could have him draw the winning name.

pcp 11592


And the winner is…Robin at Bird In the Hand Primitives!  Congratulations Robin, email me your address and I’ll get this right out to you.

pcp 11589

Thank you everyone for all your nice comments and for entering my giveaway! It was fun!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Giveaway Time

I am having a giveaway in appreciation of all my friends in blog land! I appreciate your friendships so much!

pcp 11574

I have hand stitched with wools making  Maggie Bonanomi’s pattern “Old Heart.”  I also made a little wool mat using the same heart pattern.

 pcp 11573

pcp 11576

To enter you need to be a follower of my blog and leave a comment on this post.  I will draw the winning name on Wednesday, February 6th.