Thursday, August 9, 2012

Window Box

Here’s how my flowers started out…

 pcp 10759

and even with all the hot temperatures they managed to do really good!

\Of course they are the only flowers that did really good!

pcp 10885

pcp 10887

I don’t know why but it’s been a long time since I’ve planted flowers in my window box.  I guess I just thought they didn’t do well in them so I always just decorated it with other things, then one day my friend Angi said if she had a window box she would plant flowers in it, so I thought I would give it a try again. Thanks Angi, these flowers are dedicated to you!



  1. What a gorgeous statement, Mindy!! Love me flowers (especially petunias) and window boxes....Always wanted some, but hubby said they were too much of a "pain"....Ummmm, ok..... Glad you decided to plant them again - they're beautiful..... Did a little catch-up (so sorry....) - lucky you to have gotten to meet Maggie again - what gorgeous pieces....And Mud E. Bear??? He's adorable!! (But I have some of his kin here in Nod....small world!) Hope all is well....Thank you for all your sweet visits....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (LOOOOVE that crow in your header....really? It's wrong to covet???!!!) ;o)

  2. Hi Mindy, oh so pretty, really nice window box. Blessings Francine.

  3. Mindy, Your flowers look great. I never got around to my pots this year, too much running for the boys/baseball I guess. Next year I have to since we'll be having a graduation. ~Ann

  4. Mindy the flowers are beautiful! I bet you will plant some in your window box next year also!LOL Have a great Friday,
    Be blessed,

  5. Beautiful flower box Mindy!!

  6. Oh beautiful.
    Love the window box.
    Great job.

  7. I love window boxes and yours is just beautiful!

  8. the flowers are lovely Minday


  9. How pretty and so full they have become. A window box seems like the way to go. Mine all died over night because of the heat. I like the color you chose. -Steph-

  10. hi mindy, thanx soo much for stopping by my blog! im having a hard time keeping up these days i should be working full time again, i was alot more organized! im anxious to sit a bit and get to know you! maybe with my 1st cup of coffee in the morning! enjoy your evening!!

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