Friday, June 15, 2012

Meet Mud E. Bear

My  maker  Pamela Dervarits  from  Our Pioneer Homestead  took  this  first  picture  of  me while  I  was  patiently  waiting for  someone  to  come along and  see  how  sweet  I  wa s which  in  this  case  was  Mindy.  Pamela,  Quebec  Folk-Artist  and Artisan,  resides  in  the  Montreal region.  I  was  then  safely packed,  Pamela  believes  in safety  first,   and  boxed  to  be carried  off  to  Iowa.


I  was  so  glad  when  I  arrived.  I needed  to  stretch  and  was excited  to  meet  my  new owner!   Mindy  and  I  had  a  nice visit  and  we  decided  we needed  to  take  some  photos to  show  Pamela  I  would  be very  well  taken  care  of  in  my new  home.

Here  I  am  just  chillin  on  the front  porch.  I  bearly (yes, I spelled that right)  got  on  the sofa  and  Mindy  snapped  my picture  before  I  could  even   sit down!

pcp 10724


It  was  so  comfy  I  decided  just  to  lay  down!

 pcp 10726

Here  I am  in  front  of  the   window…

pcp 10727


Another  complimentary  pose of  myself…

 pcp 10723

Look  at  all  these  old  Country Living  magazines  I  can  flip through!


pcp 10730

Then  we  went  outside.  Here  I am  posing  by  the  pretty flowers!

pcp 10739

Before  I left  them,  I  wanted  to see  if  the y  smelled  good…

pcp 10740

Mindy  said  I  did  such  a  good job  posing  for  the  camera  that I  could  have  me  a  piece  of  pie!  Hurry  up  Mindy,  take  the picture  so  I  can  dig  in  before  it’s  all  gone!!

pcp 10743


I  think  I  am  really  going  to  like it  here!

Don’t  forget  to  stop  over at Pamela’s,  she’s  one  talented lady,  after all,  she  made  ME!

Mud  E.  Bear


  1. Hi, Mindy~ Sweet post~ Aren't these little bears just so stickin cotton pickin cute, they look so old~ she has a gift~
    Mud E. Bear~ enjoy your day roaming around~

  2. Clever post Mindy:) The Mud bear is so very cute. Pam really makes the nicest things. I am glad you own one. I think he may need a friend though:) Your home looks like a wonderful place for one or two to be adopted to. I mean, he's so spoiled and loved at your place. Ha ha. Have a great weekend. -Steph-

  3. Well Mr. Mud E Bear, it is so nice to meet you. I am so proud you have a new home and it looks like Mindy did a great job of making you feel right at home. You are a handsome fellow and I hope you love your new home in the U.S.A.
    Hoping Mindy will let you visit with us more in the future.

  4. Oh Mindy, these poses gave me a laugh, I love the one of him lounging on the couch, LOL, and my daughter laughed seeing him eat pie, too cute! I am so glad you love him, "HI Mud E Bear,!!All the way in Iowa, miss You Mud E- great to see you again!♥"
    Thanks again Mindy~

  5. Awwww Mindy....this is the cutest post!!! I LOVE your new bear he is so cute!!! Enjoy your weekend!! :)


  6. What a darling bear! What a fun post too! Thanks for making me smile. Take care, Janice

  7. OH he is so sweet...and looks very happy in his new home! Thanks so much for stopping by my baseballs post!

  8. I have one of Mud bears siblings! Aren't they just the best!