Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flea Market Finds

pcp 1048

Went to flea market in Brownville, NE and found this blue ice cream bucket.  It’s not that I purposely set out to buy all blue buckets but that seems to be their color when I find one as you can tell by the ones I already have!

pcpics 3148

I also found this little bird cookie cutter. I have never seen on like it before and I thought it was so cute! Also found this small butter paddle.

pcp 1050


It appears someone is building a little cabin. I don’t know what it will be for but I had to take a picture. It would be fun to have something like this in your backyard!

pcp 1040


Friday, May 25, 2012

Blogger Changes

pcpics 750_thumb[8]

I see on my Blogger dashboard that the old Blogger interface will be removed in the coming months and to upgrade now.  Has anyone done that? If so, do you like it?  I just get to where I understand how to work something and then they want to go making changes! I’m from the old school I guess where if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.  I guess I will just hold off as long as I can.  I want to see what the upgrade entails but I’m afraid if I click on “upgrade now” it will force me to do so. Maybe it’s not that big of deal, I don’t know.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Light Up Your Egg Basket

pcp 995

I was looking through this magazine and saw this egg basket with some Spanish moss, jars and candles.  It just so happened that I had all of these items on hand so  I decided to fix me up one.

pcp 991

Here’s my version…

pcp 977

pcp 980

pcp 981

pcp 983


pcp 997

pcp 1008

pcp 1009

pcp 1022

 pcp 1027

pcp 1024


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just Messing…

You got to love a little rust…

pcp 958 

Stenciled on my tool box.

pcp 948

Had some fresh flowers so I moved them around different places.pcp 957

pcp 954

 pcp 955

 pcp 952

Just playing on a Saturday afternoon…



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flowers and Sneak Peek

I love purple flowers!

pcp 936

pcp 937

Here’s a miniature garden my mom made.

pcp 914

Just a couple of random photos…

pcp 938

pcp 940

Here’s a sneak peek at the punch needle I’m doing now, it’s so much fun!

pcp 933


Monday, May 14, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath

pcp 922

I got the tutorial here to make the wreath.  I took pictures as I went along making mine.

First you need your color choices of paint. I used more colors than three but these bottles were the only ones that lined up for the photo!

pcp 926

Some plastic cups to mix your paint and water. I didn’t use exact measurements.

pcp 927 

Coffee filters,

pcp 929 

Glue gun and masking tape.

pcp 928 

I dyed my coffee filters and hung them on the line to dry. It didn’t take long for them to dry.

pcp 881 

I then used 3 filters to make one flower. Towards the end I used one or two when I just wanted to fill in here and there.

You fold the filter in half and then in half again. I then cut a scalloped edge at the top.

pcp 897

Then you cut that piece in half by cutting a scalloped edge.

pcp 898

Now you have 3 small circles and 3 rings. Don’t worry if you don’t cut them perfectly, after all, flowers aren’t perfect and you can always cut stragglers or points off after the flower is made if you don’t like it.

pcp 899

Then you take the 3 rings and twist them like you are making a figure 8.

 pcp 901

 Then you place them on a approximate 12 to 14 inch length of masking tape. This will be the center of your flower.

 pcp 902

Next you take the rings and attach them to the tape by making pleats as you go.

 pcp 903

pcp 904 

Now you start at the end where you placed what will be the center of the flower, and you start rolling it up forming the flower as you go.

pcp 905

 pcp 906

pcp 907

 You can use a foam or any wreath form to hot glue your flowers on. I chose a grapevine wreath as I thought it would be easier to work with and hang.

Just glue on your flowers however you want with the hot glue gun. Make sure you put something down to protect the surface you are working on as the hot glue gets over everything, fingers included!!

pcp 895 

And there you have it! You can just hang it like this or you can hang it by attaching a ribbon with a bow.

 pcp 924

 It was not hard to make, just a little time consuming.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Miniature Garden

pcp 883

I’ve been wanting to make a miniature garden and I finally got one done. It was so much fun to do. It’s fun to imagine the little creatures that just might invade the space and make themselves  at home! You can click on the pictures to enlarge.

pcp 884

pcp 885

I thought this wind chime was so cute, made of enamel cups and lids and some pieces of silverware thrown in!

pcp 888

pcp 890

Last but not least, my solar dancing flower! It dances in the sunlight! Just a sweet little thing to make me smile and the best part was it only cost me $1.00 at the dollar store!

pcp 891

Have a great day!