Monday, December 5, 2011


Well Comet stopped by this weekend and brought me Santa’s Naughty and Nice book. He said he’d leave it with me for a bit so if anyone wants me to look up their name, I’ll gladly let you know which list you are currently on so you can either continue on as you’ve been or get your act together!!

pcp 612

pcp 615 



  1. Oh my! Hehe please look me up, if I am on the naughty list I can explain LOL
    Such a cute book :)

  2. Now Mindy, have you looked up your name!

  3. I'm on the nice list this year for sure,except if you ask hubby.He'd say I'm a stressed out cranky person.I beg to defer but if I hear Calm down one more time I could easily be put on the naughty Blessings!~Amy

  4. Don't want to know where my name is.... I'll just wait and take my chances. (ha). Love Comet. He is too cute. Did you make him? Have a great evening

  5. I guess we know what list Comet is on for swiping Santa's important book. ~Roberta

  6. I really can explain....!


    (Comet is so, so, cute - I can't believe he'd have taken "the book" - if he'd like some competent legal representation in that regard, perhaps we could work out an arrangement about where my name appears in that book???)

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. I am so hoping that I am the nice list! I might not be if ever I came to your house for a visit as Comet would have to be snook into my bag for me to take home!

  8. Oh my, I already know without looking, I come by my red hair naturally, lumps, bumps, warts and all! No need to wonder where I fit in!

  9. Love your reindeer and book, sure hope your name is on that list. Love your header picture, so prim and simple. Hugs, Lecia