Sunday, November 6, 2011

Decorating Woes & Turkey Talk

You know, I set around and look at primitive pictures and books up the ying yang and I certainly know what I like when I see it. So why is it so hard to achieve that look in your own home? For one thing my ceilings bug me. Some are popcorn and some are old 5o style ceiling tiles and of course I don’t have those wonderful flat log and chinking walls!  I wish there were more primitive style interior decorators around!

Maybe I just don’t have enough primitive pieces, I don’t know! Any of you ever feel this way? Any suggestions?

I’m finally taking down my Halloween decorations today.  Need to go get my turkey out. I will be making a Thanksgiving pattern that I just ordered for myself from The Old Tattered Flag. I just love it! Here’s a sneak peek!


Have a great day!



  1. I feel that way all the time! Our home is not prim looking at all. I wish it were! We have popcorn ceilings except for the kitchen and bathrooms... wish they would have kept the popcorn look out of all the rooms.

    I do take comfort in knowing that everyone else's homes didn't happen overnight, it takes time to achieve any "look". Things around here change slowly. One step at a time. Our first step was removing 50 mirrors from the dining room wall. We lived with it for two years, then I couldn't take it anymore! But thankfully it's one step away from ugly-ville and one step closer to nicer-ville. ;)

  2. Oh I'm so with you Mindy....for me it's a combination of many things (excuses??) - our house is very small - and very open; it has way too much wood (wide window and door trim, etc. and being open means you just can't go painting the kitchen cupboards or bath vanity without everything looking mismatched....) But I'm my biggest problem I think - I like too many different kinds of styles and things....I positively drool over the simple, minimalist, colonial style decorating I see - but to achieve that, I would have to give up things I love too well - my vintage Halloween collections; my Steiff collection; etc. Add to that, that I can't just switch out our couch for a great Johnston Benchworks sofa (how, exactly, could DH nap on THAT?!), and, well, you get the picture.... I agree - there needs to be some prim interior decorators. I've been trying to redo my bath for a couple years, but truly would like some design help....everyone I've had look at it just comes in and looks at me with a deer in the headlight stare when I say I want it "colonial prim".....HELP!!! Have a great Sunday...yeah - I gotta think about taking Halloween down too....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. I have to chuckle at all your comments. BECAUSE I was just discussing HGTV with my Mom this morning. Why don't they have a show on Prim decorating. Everything seems to be modern on there lately. I'd love to see some prim, colonial, shows. Giving ideas on ALL aspects of it. I call my style "new" prim! I love prim..but like someone said..who could nap on a johnston benchworks? I do have some old authentic pieces..and I lOVE the look..I however live in a small two bedroom apartment. I've always had small cozy homes..except for once. So I have too much stuff. My son actually called me a hoarder the other day, lol!!! It's really NOT that bad. But I see things I love...and I have to have. I've been slowly weeding out the pieces that I am not completely in love with though..and adding things I do. The only time I really dind't feel "well priminated" was the two years I lived in San Diego. I had a huge house...the just seemed cold and empty to me. No matter what color I painted the walls. And it was very much a spanish abode style home. So it just didn't seem prim or cozy at all to me! Just start slowly...and pretty soon, before you know it...your kids too will be calling you a hoarder!!! Lol.

  4. Mindy - I totally agree with you! I know what I love when I see it, but can rarely get my own home to look the way I want it to (sigh)

  5. I think that most of us can relate,I have decided that I just want my home comfortable.It is a mix of prim and farmhouse. Good thing dust is prim.LOL!Hugs,Jen

  6. Mindy, I know what you mean about achieving the look you want. I think if we use what we love our home will reflect it. Can't wait to see how your turkey turns out. ~Ann

  7. I agree with the Cranky Crow, too much stuff, too many styles I like, mostly farmhouse, but lots of wood "things" too. Beat up, old worn, comfortable, but my floors are terrible, and heaven help me I hate that roof leak that keeps coming back every time I fix up my best room! It's home though, and I thank the good Lord, I have it!

  8. Hi Mindy, Know what you mean, I live in a 50's ranch house, just not your primitive style. I have collected several of the old primitive items, it helps but it just doesn't look like what you see in the magazines, it would sure help to have that old 1800's farmhouse, its just not going to happen. What I am doing is changing out my light fixtures one at a time, I think that will help and I am painting using historic colors. I have been changing out my curtains as well and adding some of the bed linens you see. I think what it comes down to I want a home that is comfortable, a place to escape the world, my haven. A place filled with the old worn primitives and hand mades that make me smile. I have realized also it doesn't happen over night it is a lifetime of collecting the things that make my heart flutter when I see it, thats a nice feeling. Have a great week, Vicky

  9. Mindy I could have wrote this post myself. I question myself all the time about my decorating or lack of achieving the look I want. It seems no matter what I buy I cannot get the primitive look I'm after.

    I actually get myself depressed sometimes when I look thru magazines and blogs that have the decor and style I'm dreaming of. I always end up with too much junk that still won't make my room look the way I want.

    I never give up though. Someday I will get it right and I will sit back and think...gee that wasn't so hard.

    Have a blessed day,

  10. hi Mindy~
    Oh, yes~ can relate~
    I have been looking at Judy Condons Christmas book~ so love the Colonial Homes decorating~
    But find myself looking at my home thinking Geesh how do you achieve that look?
    You know my home is large~ We like to do all the work ourselves( Hubby & I) but it takes time~ oh, so much time~ I love going into the rooms dreaming of how I want it~ then here comes the kitty Crew~ I think oh, my how can I have that with my Kitties~ giggles~
    Oh, but dreaming Love dreaming~
    Maybe someday~

  11. Hi Mindy,
    Don't fret! We all do this and I think it gets worse closer to the holidays. We are still working on our old farmhouse and will be for years to come. Enjoy your home and redo as you can. Love this post by the way....

  12. I hear you. I live in Calif. where no one decorates with prims. and my house is a 1958 ranch. I just mix it in and somehow it all has to work. I would love to replace lots of my furniture but will have to wait.

  13. Oh man!!! I know just how you feel. I can't create what I see either. I need wood floors, and more furniture, bigger rooms, and a huge hearth.
    But, I am happy with what I have and have been given. Still doesn't stop me from drooling though:) Love the sneaky legs. Can't wait to see the rest of it. -Steph-

  14. Mindy,
    I know exactly what you mean! Although I'm thinking you are a lot closer than I am since your home was featured in Mercantile Gatherings :) Still I think we always have a vision, but in reality its hard to do... Love the turkey! Thanks for enabling ~ I've ordered it as well lol
    Blessings, Patti

  15. Hi Mindy, I look at magazines until I wear out the pages and my home doesn't look like that, no matter how much I try.He He
    Congratulations on your home being in Mercantile Gatherings, what an honor, and your home is prim perfect. Hugs, Lecia

  16. Funny you would post this. I have been feeling this was too. I live in a rented duplex so changing anything but the wall colors is a no no. I too LOVE the minimalist pictures, but don't have the beautiful items they have. I find myself jealous of them. grrr... I don't like that either. I waunder around my house and think I have too much "stuff" BUT I just can't get rid of it because I LOVE what I have too much. However, like someone else says I have to be pratical in furnishing my home. I have to have a large couch to accomodate more people than just one or two. Fancy furniture that can't be used is out of the question with kids or pets. So, I guess I will continue to drool over everyone who owns a home and can change up and decorate constantly.

  17. Mindy, I think you touched a nerve here! For me, I think the main issue purchasing random things like and then working it in somewhere. I probably need to focus more on one specific area, decide out what would look good there (like a bedside table with old books and a great little box) and then focus on finding just that. But what can I say, I like turkeys and brown crocks and, oooh pretty French country pieces--how am I supposed to mix all that together and have it look good?

  18. I agree completely. Although I live in a 19th century farmhouse and have a few old primitive pieces, mostly in my kitchen and dining room, it doesn't look like anything I see in magazines, etc. Guess maybe some of us don't have an eye for this type of decorating. It takes a lot of creativity.