Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweet Annie

Look how huge this Sweet Annie plant is…

pcp 341

I decided I better get some and hang it up to dry…

pcp 342

I’ve got it hanging everywhere.

pcp 344

I can’t bring it in the house because Rusty is allergic to it.

pcp 346

So I’ll just have to use it outside.

Sure glad the week’s over and I’m sure enjoying this much cooler weather!



  1. Wow! Love the sweet annie. Mr. P. has tried and tried to grow me some and we can't even get the seeds to come up. Can you give us any tips? I just love the smell of it. Too bad you can't have it in your house. Have a wonderful Weekend

  2. Looks great! Too bad about the allergies, we have them here too.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. what a great harvest! I love sweet annie, the scent is awesome. So sorry there are allergies.

  4. Lucky you Mindy to have all that Sweet Annie!! For some reason I can't grow it but love it so much!!


  5. Any chance you'd want to sell any? Love that stuff and I use it as much as possible on things for the shop. Thanks, Dawn

  6. Oh you are so lucky. I tried to grow some and it only grew about two inches. I am trying again next year. Not sure what it looks like up close so not sure if any grew. I can't remember where I planted it in the wild flower garden lol.
    You can hang it at my house if you need more space. No one here is allergic. I am only thinking of Mr. P but I would be willing to sacrifice the space. :)

  7. hi, Mindy~
    love the new header!!
    oh, my that Annie was TALL!! Looks so pretty hanging out on the porch~ beautiful arrangements~ I am with Rusty~ ACHOOO~but it is so pretty!
    enjoy the cooler days~ awe, just makes me feel alive!!

  8. It's really hard for us to find Sweet Annie because people are so allergic to it they won't grow it. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in failing to grow it but I will try again next year. Yours is just beautiful.

  9. Mindy, I'm not familiar with 'Sweet Annie'. I don't think we have any here in North Carolina. Is it an herb, fern or what?