Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Decorating Done

pcp 357

Well I finally got some of my fall decorations out. The runner on the table is a Maggie pattern found in her book, The Comfort Zone.

I made this cat penny rug a couple of years ago. I’m thinking it was a kit I bought.

pcp 363

pcp 366

The library table used to sit here but we got a bigger TV so it wouldn’t fit in this entertainment center so we moved it into the dining room and I put our CD player in it and moved the library table into the living room and sat the TV on it.

 pcp 367

pcp 371

pcp 368

 I bought this picture hanging above the fireplace at a goodwill store for five bucks. I have always wanted this picture so I grabbed it right up when I spotted it.

pcp 379

pcp 370

 pcp 377

 pcp 373

 Well, that’s if for now. I’m probably one of the last ones to put out my fall things but I just have to wait until the mood hits me and then I have to act quick cause you never know how long it will last!!

I want to thank everyone again for your prayers for Reese! He is doing so much better, bless his heart!



  1. I hate to admit it Mindy but my fall decorations are still sitting in boxes in the middle of the floor in the family room. I just have not had the time to put them out yet. Hopefully this week it will get done.

    I love all your decorations. Especially that beautiful chair with the flowers and greenery. What exactly is that flowing green stuff? I really like it.

    My mom has a picture like the one above your fireplace. I think it is larger than yours though. She's had had it since I was in high school I believe. The man looks like my great grandfather.

    Thanks for sharing your displays and have a fabulous week.
    Hugs, ~AMY~

  2. Really beautiful, Mindy! Just the right touches here and there!
    You got a fab bargain in that old painting of the man praying - love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh wow!!! So beautiful! Love it all! And you know my fav is that cat Penny Mat for sure! ;)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Mindy, Honey you are ahead of me.... my fall is still in the crates. Just been too hot here to put me in the mood. Was a wonderful fallish weekend and a breeze today so hoping to get house all clean and begin. Love all your decor. So prim and pretty. Great find with the picture over the mantel. Love it. And the penny table runner, beautiful. Thanks for sharing and have a great week

  5. Pretty simple touches.Loved peeking at your little corners.Warm Blessings!~Amy
    Oh and the cat penny is so sweet I had that as a favorite awhile back and forgot about it.

  6. Love your fall decor! Your home is just gorgeous and I love that white cabinet in the first pic:O Have a wonderful day;)

  7. Mindy~ oh, my your home is so pretty~ your decorating is simple beauty~ wonderful job!!!!
    So glad Reese is doing better~ puppy kisses to him~
    enjy the day

  8. Hi Mindy... So glad to hear Reese is doing better, it's got to be a huge relief!

    Love the simple touches of fall in your pretty...and so nicely done!


  9. Alright Reese! So happy to hear he is doing better.
    I love your fall! I just put mine out Friday and it seems I do less every year. Too much work to keep changing. But fall is my favorite. Love the colors and smells.
    Love your Annie. Mine grows in a dishpan! LOL I just get about 6 stalks but it works for me. Sorry Rusty is allergic.
    Have a great day!
    Warmest autumn blessings,

  10. Lovely decorations, we don't do that here or in england. Pleased that Reece is feeling better.

  11. Gorgeous Mindy - just gorgeous. Your home should be in a magazine...oh, wait! It was!! ;o) I so love the simple touches using naturals....but, still, I always go over the top....Perhaps that's why mine is barely started. It's getting harder and harder to keep up these past few years since I'm dreading the "put away" part of the prior season so much. Time to do some major thinning out and reorganizing and so I procrastinate instead.....Glad to hear the good news about Reese. Happy, happy, Monday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. All your decorating is so lovely Mindy! No way are you the last to decorate for fall - I don't have a single thing done yet!

  13. Just found your blog while hopping around. Your home is gorgeous! I LOVE the runner you made.

  14. Your home is just stunning Mindy! Love your fall decorating pictures and thank you for sharing them!
    Have a great week,

  15. Love your fall decorations and your home.

  16. Your home is beautiful, love your decorations!

  17. I love the picture of the old man praying. That picture hung in my Grandmother's house and now my aunt's house. Did you know there is a matching old woman praying? I saw one years ago and now regret not buying it as I've not seen one again! Love your decorations!

  18. Mindy--definitely worth waiting for decorating inspiration when the result is so good! You've made and acquired such wonderful goodies! Love all your wool mats, crocks and those big acorns--just the fix I needed this morning. ~Roberta