Monday, September 26, 2011

As The Crow Flies…

The phrase, “as the crow flies” means in a straight line. Generally used when discussing distances. Any distance 'as the crow flies' neglects barriers (man-made or natural, such as traffic, mountains, waterways, etc.) that might hinder your travel,  it is the shortest route between two points."

Here’s my little crow I picked up at Sweet Annie’s! Only this little crow had to fly around the flooded roadways in order to get to my place!

pcp 430

pcp 429

 pcp 433

 pcp 434

pcp 435

 pcp 436

 Crows on the fence mean rain, while crows on the ground mean fine weather.

Whether there is any truth to that or not I don’t know, I do know when I see a crow, it is another one of those things that calls my name. :-)



  1. hi, Mindy~
    Your crow sure is getting around~ I think he is loving his new home~ perching up on everything~ strutting his stuff~ he's a pretty!!!
    Love the pic with his shadow!!!
    have a great evening~

  2. Haven't met many a crow I haven't loved...but this is a very special kind of kin....LOVE him Mindy!!! (Can a crow turn green???) If he's ever lonely, you know where he can find "some of his kind...." Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. I love your new crow :) He looks perfect no matter where you put him :)
    Blessings, Patti

  4. What an adorable crow!

    We have a similar saying but ours doesn't involve crows it includes cows, when a cow lies in a field fine weather is due, when a cow huddles beneath a tree, poor weather is due.

    Have a great week Mindy!

  5. Looks like he's right at home wherever he lands! Just so cute!

  6. Mindy, love your crow! Where is Sweet Annie's? Do they have a website? That crow is a gottahave. Smiles, Edie P.S. What are you working on?

  7. Hi Mindy, He is a cute traveling Crow.Cheri