Monday, August 8, 2011

Wind Storm

We had quite the wind storm Saturday night. Drove around town Sunday morning and took some pictures. You can click to enlarge.

pcp 001

pcp 002 

pcp 004

It flattened some corn.

pcp 005

pcp 006

pcp 007

pcp 008

I just hate to see big mature trees ruined. It takes so long to replace them.



  1. So sad to see all the damage. Glad you are okay. I really am scared of bad weather. That's why I love winter. We had so many bad storms and tornados come thru this Spring, I was a nervous wreck. Take care and have a great week

  2. I am so glad you didn't get hurt. Looks like you had a scary time!

  3. That must have been scary! Too bad about the trees...and all the damage!! At least no one was hurt!! Take care!

  4. It's so sad and scary to see what these wind storms can do -- glad you are okay....

  5. Wow I hope there were no injurys. Did you lose power?

  6. So sorry to see all that damage...The winds have been fierce and relentless all over this year it seems - not too many places have been spared the devastation it brings. Local areas have been hit several times by tornadoes this year and in between with incredible wind storms. We were without power again just last weekend for over 13 hours - and days with no phone service. Hope the week ahead is better for your community....Hugs ~ Robin

  7. hi, Mindy
    Strong Mother Nature~ Wow~ so scarey~ hope all are fine~ so much damage on trees,homes, and crops~ ugh~

  8. holy cow that must have been some wind to do that kind of damage..we get them in the winter time..scares me to death..and we always lose doubly hate them..:)