Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome to my Web…

My mom sent me the following this morning…

We have really been invaded by spiders this summer.  Each day when you go into the yard you walk right into a web.  This morning when we opened the patio door, this is what greeted us.  This busy little spider made this web overnight,  This time we wouldn’t have even made it to the yard without running in to a web.  It’s just amazing what they can accomplish in just a few hours.....and so perfect.  I think there’s a lot for science to learned from spiders and their webs....amazing.




I think there is an over abundance of them this year because I have walked into several when I leave the house in the morning. They’re fast workers!



  1. hi, Mindy
    Beautiful capture~ even though we all complain about what a mess they make~(giggle) they are truly amazing little workers~ I agree with you I think we could learn alot from them~they are everywhere here also~
    enjoy your day

  2. I find spiders and their webs fascinating too - although, fortunately, we don't usually see too many really, really, large ones - then I get a little creeped out....oh, yeah - and I don't like the tarantulas on vacation either. Beautiful web though - amazing how quickly they build....Hope you are safe where you are - Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Everywhere here too as well, I leave them be unless they are in our direct paths. They really help with other insects, their patterns are amazing!

  4. First off, sorry to have been absent. Lots of family drama and nothing to do with me but they always drag me in. My kids, my hubby and my grands are all perfect.
    I love your new header.
    And those darling girls! Grace is so precious and everybody loves beautiful baby girls. You have been blessed.
    My larger penny rugs are used on table tops. I don't have any really big ones.
    The basket on your door is quite attractive and I am loving your steps. We had steps like that when I was a kid! I much prefer them over these wood decks and steps.
    Your sunroom is something like our family room. We have no duct work out here so -no heat-no air. we do have a gas fireplace but hate to run it--too expensive. We use fans all summer. Ours is our 'dog' room. It's hard to imagine that these little dogs lose that much hair. I love your potting sign and especially the door of your Grandma's. I would love to be offered anything from Grandma's place. My cousins swooped in and took everything. Grief does strange things to people. I cried. They stole.
    Gonna have to try your snack mix.
    I ALWAYS make harvest mix for my kids and grands.
    candy corn, M & M's and dry-roast peanuts---maybe tiny pretzels. If I don't start making it on Labor Day weekend, they start asking for it!
    Spiders are a predicter of winter. The old wives tail is that the earlier they start building these intricate webs, the sooner we will have a freeze. They want to trap as many insects as they can before the freeze kills them off. They wrap them up and store them. Kind of like the grasshopper and ant story. The ants also store food for winter/hibernation. The grasshopper just lay eggs and turn into snack food for other predators!
    Hope you and Rusty have a great weekend planned.
    We are sticking close to home. Mike is smoking some ribs and I am making a batch of zesty bread and butter pickles, plus stitching!
    Have a great one!

  5. They really are amazing! Never easily defeated or put out as we've found here! The past couple of nights when my 7 y. old has gone to bed we've heard her scream, 'It's back!' and sure enough a 'huge' spider - looks like the same one!- is back on the ceiling! So out he goes again!
    Thanks so much for visiting earlier and leaving a much appreciated comment.

  6. I stopped walking around the neighborhood at night during the summer months because we have these really big spiders that sometimes stretch their webs across the sidewalk and I hate, hate, hate running into those. But as I was walking this morning I saw one off to the side and wondered at it. So perfectly spaced and precisely done! ~Roberta

  7. I love the new look. This spider web is beautiful however, the spider is not. I wish I could create a beautiful masterpiece like that in just a few hours. -Steph-

  8. That's wonderful web! I love it ♥

  9. I just love your graphics, and set up, great blog..You've done good! haha