Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Come On Fall!

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I’ve been thinking about when I want to get my fall things out but it was so darn hot today and then tomorrow it is supposed to be 107 degrees! I just can’t possibly think fall right now. I sure hope it gets a little cooler soon. I am so done with the extreme hot!



  1. My fall is up inside. Those mums in the picture are gorgeous.

  2. My thoughts exactly! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. 107!!!! Oh my, it would be hard for me to put out my fall in that heat, too!! I am also done with the heat and humidity of this summer, although I'm sure summer is not done with us just yet.....

  4. That is too hot, we need to enjoy the outside these next few weeks. I am enjoying your Percival Church blog. Best wishes from Michigan tonight.

  5. Beautiful mum picture! It is in the upper 90's here so I totally understand.Hugs,Jen

  6. 107??? Really?? Hmmm....I don't think it's EVER gotten that hot here in Nod....We've been enjoying days in the 70's - nights in the high 40's low 50's. Tomorrow (or today as I type this) is supposed to be sticky and hot - around 88....We'll see.....I'm trying to cling to summer as we haven't had much of it -and our winters are so dreadful, but will welcome fall when it comes as a favored child....Wishing you cool, cool, breezes (and temps!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Boy do I hear ya! It was 112 yesterday and more of the same today...I fipped the calendar this morning to September and said what is going on here!! LOL
    Have a great day..stay cool. :)

  8. Lordy that is hot Mindy. I can see why the mood to decorate for fall has not hit you yet. Hopefully the temperatures will cool off for you soon and you can get all your goodies out. I look forward to you posting when you get things displayed.
    Have a super Thursday,
    Hugs ~AMY~

  9. Think fall, think fall, think fall. It's way too hot though. Wow!! We are finally starting to cool off. I will have to bring a jacket to the fair tomorrow night. I just have to find it first. :) Hope you break out the fall things soon. It's Sept 1. -Steph-

  10. hi, Mindy
    Look at all the pretty mums!!
    But yep, here today 91 currently & the heat index is 104~ oh, Geesh,it is down right miserable hot~ giggles~ but going to enjoy the day!!!

  11. OH What beautiful mums! Thank You for sharing..