Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Notebook Covers

I made a couple more wool notebook covers. These are the little bitty composition notebooks. They may be little but they took me forever to make because I just kept putting them off!  I need some kind of super energy pill. I have had absolutely no get up and go lately.

dougsitems 017

dougsitems 012

I’ve got some closets and drawers I really need to clean out and go through but every time I go and look at them I think, do I really want to start that? I want HGTV to come and organize and do a makeover for me. I still want primitive though, no modern for me!! If I’m not surrounded by old and awesome then forget the whole thing!

Have a prim filled day!



  1. hi, Mindy
    Wonderful job~they both are so cute!!!
    I think the summer months slow us down~ seems like July & August the heat & humidity~ just puts a big anchor on us~ LOL ~I know last night I just wanted to sit & look at magazines~ didn't even want to cook supper~ but I did it~ and of course I love feeding the animals~ I always feel like playing with them!! LOL~
    enjoy the day

  2. Your covers are just beautiful, I love your work. Lecia

  3. It's unanimous...we all love your little books!! I think a tutorial on how to make them is in order....don't you?? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Add me to the list, the notbooks are just so cute. I hate doing chores like cleaning drawers and closets. It creates such a mess before the job is finished. Then you have to dispose of all you are wanting to get rid of. Oh heck, just wait till it gets cooler and enjoy the summer. Have a good evening.

  5. Those are great Mindy!!


  6. Love the journals Mindy....You have them down to a science! Yeah...bring on HGTV....ok...maybe not....problem is I don't really want to get RID of anything....I just want to add on so there's room for it all!! Have a wonderful Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Your notebook covers are so sweet and cheerful! Wonderful work. It your weather is like ours it's definitely better to stay in and stitch! ~Roberta