Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fall Country Sampler

I got the new Country Sampler magazine yesterday in the mail. It has a lot of neat primitive homes in this issue!


This picture was from last month’s issue. I just love this room.


I get so inspired when I look at pictures like this but it just seems like for me anyway, it’s hard to replicate in your own home.

Here are some more photos from past issues of Country Sampler that are inspiring to me as well.





Have a great weekend and try to stay cool!



  1. hi, Mindy
    You picked out some pretty inspiring pics to share from Sampler~ Looking forward to the new issue~ Geesh that firplace on the cover is so pretty~ Hmmm think my Hubby would build me one~ LOL~ I think I burned him out on the kitchen~with summer time he just wants to work outside & a few days back I was talking about redoing another room~ He was like" Not yet, wait~ wait until the dead of winter" giggles!
    Have fun dreaming with the sampler~

  2. I love all of these pictures - but I could never get my house to look like them. My SIL - now she is a different story. She can take the biggest pile of junk and make it look absolutely wonderful! Wish I had that knack!

  3. Great photos Mindy - But you are oh so right - so hard to duplicate one-on-one....I haven't looked at Country Sampler in years....I'm going to have to track down a copy or two....Thanks for sharing. Hope you're having a great Saturday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Hi Mindy, I got mine a couple of days ago and I love seeing the homes they post and wish I could have one of them..they are awesome aren't they..have a wonderful weekend.:) and happy reading..

  5. Got mine yesterday Mindy but haven't even sat down to look through it. I can't come close to even begin to get my house to look like some of those pictures!!


  6. Okay, I am jealous,,, where is my Fall Issue? No, I could never get my house to look like a magazine picture either. We live in ours and have to be practical, but I sure do enjoy looking at the photos.

  7. I am enjoying my issue at this time also. So many beautiful rooms in between those covers. I really like the make do rocking chair in this issue. I would love to do my rocking chair into one. So many ideas we get. Blessings!