Friday, July 29, 2011



If you want stress just deal with blogger on a daily basis as you all know.  Ok, have you had this problem? Your new post doesn’t show up on your dashboard. If you go to the blog directly, you see the new post but your dashboard still shows old post. Once again, I hope this is something that will resolve itself! In the meantime, I feel like doing this…..



P.S.  Now my dashboard is showing a post by me that I even deleted. Yep, I’m getting closer and closer to making that second picture there come to life.


  1. Hi Mindy, Don't tell me you can have more problems with blogger. It takes my pictures away after I have posted, and I couldn't comment, what else. Love the picture with the computer in the toilet, most of the time I just want to beat mine. Have a great weekend, Vicky

  2. Oooooo...bummer. Can't say I've had THAT particular issue happen yet - but have had all the others! Probably just a matter of time. Yikes - half the toilets in the country are gonna be clogged! Hope it resolves....Happy Friday anyway....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Thanks so much for the funny it was just what I needed after trying to add a comment to the church blog site. You have made my day, and if you get yours in the toilet come over and we can get rid of two!

  4. Blogger and I have a love hate relationship. Lol I feel your pain.