Monday, June 27, 2011

Whine (not wine) and Worry

There have been so many uncertainties about so many things this summer for so many people. It’s just crazy. I have been worrying about so many things (yes me, the Queen of Worry) in fact if you don’t know what you should be worrying about, give me a call and I bet I have already thought about it and have been worrying about it for quite some time now. Every once in a while I have to get on here and whine, so just say to yourself, “Yep, she’s in that whining mood again!”

When I get in my stressful mode I always think about the pencil that my grandma had. I know I’ve shown you these before, but I’m STRESSED ok? Just humor me! I loved playing with it whenever I would go to her house and I still love playing with it. We are going to be making some for the summer reading program and they will be called “Trolls.”

Here they are sitting nice and pretty, their hair all smooth and everything seems to  be going just great, but…   pcpics 3160

all of a sudden…

pcpics 3164

they remember something they should be worrying about and look what happens to them then. You can click on the photos and make those critters bigger.

This is how I feel all the time right now. The wild hair look. I comb it down but soon as I start thinking, the wild look is back!

By the way, the red one is my grandmas and like everything else, I prefer the fur they use to make lots better than the fur they make now, heck you can’t even get a decent wild look with that yellow hair!!!

Hope you’re having some stress free days and if you aren’t well then quit yer belly achin! You don’t see me complaining do you?! :-)

Thanks for listening!!



  1. Nope...I'm stressing over this #*%@ free motion quilting!! I'm on a time frame...Looks like I'll be stitching in the ditch...again!! :o(
    Take care!

  2. lol!Everyday for me is stressful as well sweetie!three girls need I say more,lol!I sit and think to myself quite often "do they really think the worlds gonna end if I dont take them to the pool or drive them to a friends"And why oh why is everynight a slumber party.I never can seem to "pawn"my kiddos off on someone but theres some parents out there enjoying there stressfree night!As my mom would always say"dont stress the small things"Hang in there sweetie!Love them pencils too!big hugs michelle
    feels pretty darn good to rant!lol:0)

  3. Mindy, You make me smile. Girl we could be twins. Hubby says I worry more than any one he knows. Should I introduce the two of you? Since Mother has been so ill, and Hospice has been called in ,,, all I do is worry more about the future than the day. Guess its a gift for some of us, eh? Love the pencils, I use to have one. Guess it died or more like ran away from me! (LOL) Have a great evening and thanks for the SMILE.
    Thru Nanas Window

  4. You're a hoot Mindy. Love the pencils....Gee...I think I need one. No - never mind...I'd worry it half to death. (Yeah - I'm a kindred spirit....come from a long line of it too unfortunately...) Thanks for the smiles...Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Oh I loved those pencils when I was a child! If life could just be that simple again..I try to remember worry gets you no were but it truely doesn't help..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. I totally agree with the fur from the old days being better thing lol