Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Lakeview Primitive Pattern

I realize I haven’t been much of a blogger lately but our town is a zoo right now what with people moving out because of the impending flood.  It’s going to flood, it’s just not really known where or when. Seems like the story around here changes every day. My husband’s employer had to move their business to higher ground so he worked most of the day helping with that. Everyone’s on pins and needles around here.

Meanwhile, I dug out one of my favorite patterns from Lakeview Primitives. I made this a long time ago. You can click on photos to enlarge.

pcpics 3079

pcpics 3081

Enjoy your evening!



  1. Praying that you and your community remain safe....what a terrifying time. Love your little penny rug - that is SO sweet! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Can't even imagaine what you all are going through right now with this. My thoughts are with you!! Didn't they let out even more water this weekend from Gavins Point? I have a friend that works at the nuclear plant over by Ft. Calhoun and they are just going nuts over there. Sand bagging 12 hours everyday!! The plant is on a planned outage right now anyway but they are still taking precautions.
    Stay safe girl!

  3. Love it! Great job!

  4. Prayers being sent your way for your family and your town... Love your sweet penny rug - too cute! Hope it remains relatively dry for you! and that you find time soon to stitch.

    Blessings, Patti

  5. Mindy, sending prayers for you and your neighbors, safe keepings.

    Your Americana Kitty is so cute, great job!


  6. Very cute penny....
    So sorry to hear about the dim forecast. We have seen a lot of that going on around here, too. 6" of rain here last week. My folks had 5" in one day. I always keep people in my prayers for these natural disasters. My folks and my sister lost their homes in '93. I understand the fear and frustration.
    Stay dry. Keep busy. Try to have a good week!

  7. That is very cute and stay safe!

  8. hi, Mindy
    The penny is so cute~ of course love the cat!!!
    I am keeping your town & your family in my thoughts & prayers~
    Keep safe~