Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scenic Pictures

Took a trip to the Brownville Flea Market. I didn’t buy anything, just had fun looking. I took some scenic pictures I thought were pretty. You can click on images to make bigger.

This picture just looks so calm and peaceful.

pcpics 3074

This a new quilt shop that will soon be opening. They are doing some work on the inside.

pcpics 3075

pcpics 3076

Some more pretty views…

pcpics 3078

pcpics 3079

pcpics 3080

pcpics 3081

pcpics 3082

pcpics 3083

pcpics 3084

Here are pictures of the Missouri River. Needless to say it is pretty high. They are predicting bad flooding this summer. I sure hope this doesn’t come to pass.

pcpics 3089

pcpics 3086

pcpics 3088 pcpics 3087

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!



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  1. I love your pictures here...I want to jump right into them! I like the wheel barrel with flowers in the garden. If we ever get some sunshine in the NW here maybe my flowers would start to grow. =O)