Friday, May 13, 2011

Not Again?!


Well yesterday I had been checking out the neat blogs I love out there and would have liked to have been able to leave a comment but……it said blogger was unavailable when I tried to do so. I sure hope they get straightened out sooner or later before blog land disappears altogether!  Seems like they have had more trouble lately than the whole time I’ve been on blogger.



  1. Yes I agree. I have never had problems really that I can remember. I am able to use my again today. I hope yours works soon!!

  2. They definitely need to get their act together, was not happy when I couldn't get to check on the blogs I love to follow. Felt like I had been cut off. Its up and running now, hopefully it want happen again. Take care, Vicky

  3. I couldn't view any blogs last night or this am, finally can today, I don't know what is going on. Hope yours gets fixed soon. Lecia

  4. I couldn't use blogger at all either, they were doing maintenance according to the internet.

  5. Mindy
    I am giggling over the pup~ how cute is that,not again~ too funny!
    Yep, I am feeling the pain~ I posted on Thursday & lost all the comments~ I couldn't see all the blogs~ no dreaming for me~ Oh, my I realized how much blogging reduces my stress~ so I am feeling better today!!LOL
    Enjoy your day~ ( still giggling over the pup!)