Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Wondering?


Ok fellow bloggers I have a question maybe someone can help me with. When I go to my dashboard and it lists the blogs I follow a long with a thumbnail size picture, I usually can click on it and it takes me to that blog. Well, once in a while a blog has updated and they have a new thumbnail size picture but when I click on it a box comes up that says,”page not found, the page you were looking for does not exist.”    How does it not exist if that blogger updated and a new picture shows but yet you can’t click on it and go there?  Hope this is making sense. Maybe someone will understand what I am trying to say. Thanks! :-)



  1. I certainly don't understand it but it has happened to me on several occasions doing exactly as you just said! Sorry I wasn't any help ;-)

  2. That happens to me as well. I am wondering if they deleted the post for some reason. I usually just click on their name beside that message and it will still take me to their blog.

  3. I think it means they ( blogger ) are having difficulty getting this specific blog posted. I've seen this numerous times and sometimes it never gets posted. Sometimes, they show this several times for the same post. I choose to blame blogger.

  4. I think it is just because they have deleted the post for some reason...but I am not certain.

  5. i found this to happen when the blogger is editing their post. i know that when i put up a new post and then have to tweak it for missed errors or to add more pics...shortly there after -this happens, so a few followers have said ;0) dunno why