Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Primitive Touch to Modern Technology

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Well after looking at them, studying them  comparing them, and thinking about them for about a year, I finally took the plunge. I do like to read and of course nothing can take the place of holding a real book that’s for sure but I do like my kindle. What’s amazing about it is you can have a book you want to read and you can instantly download it and start reading. Now I have always gone to the library and will still continue to do so as well. I don’t like to purchase books to read because once you’ve read them then what do you do with them? On I’ve noticed they have a lot of the books I like to read that are free to download and if you do decide to purchase a book, they are cheaper than if you would by the actual book itself.

pcpics 2722

You can change the font and size to what you want. You can bookmark the page you are reading, you can look up a word in the dictionary on the kindle if you come across a word your not familiar with.

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It has screensavers when you are not reading, most of them are of older authors. I just shut mine completely off unless I’m just taking a short break.

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pcpics 2730

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They have really nice covers for them that come with a built in light but they are around $60.00. A wee bit pricey……


So I ordered the cheaper one for $18.00

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It comes in some other colors such as pink but I ordered the black and you know why I ordered the black…………..


Because I wanted to add my own personal, primitive touch.  Here’s the front…….

pcpics 2717

and here’s the back. You know when there’s a will and some wool, there’s a way!!!

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  1. Girl Great personal touch~ so pretty!
    enjoy reading!

  2. I love what you did !! Prim perfection !! :)

  3. Mindy - So far I have resisted even learning about a Kindle or a Nook book reader. Believe it or not, my son-in-law likes to read books on his iPHONE! I don't know how he can even read that tiny print! Anyway - I love your personalized cover - did you stitch the embellishments on? Or are they glued? CUTE!

  4. Perfect.....Love the wool against the black! Happy Reading!

  5. Love the look! Do you have to pay to download the books? I was not sure how they worked.

  6. is your way to make your millions so that you can stay at home and craft. That is soooo cute. Matthew was in Hamburg on Saturday and talked with Doug. Take care

  7. I love how you personalized your cover -- how cute!

  8. So glad I found your blog! I am a rug hooker and LOVE working with wool! I dye it too!