Friday, March 4, 2011

Outside Home Improvements

My contractor which is me, myself and I have been working on the outside of my house. This first picture is how it started out. You can click on images to make bigger.

pcpics 2667

Next it was painted a brown, or should I say the logs were stained a dark brown!

pcpics 2670

This is what it looks like now. I painted the shutters around my windows…..

pcpics 2705

and I made one door, I’ve got to make another yet…. I also swept off the front porch as I had sawdust all over the place! I forgot to put away my broom! ;-)

pcpics 2706

I put a different little shutter on this kitchen window. I have some herbs setting on the window sill.

pcpics 2708

I got the outside chimney painted.

pcpics 2710

On the inside I put some trim around my front door.

pcpics 2713

I have some little gourds I’m going to string up and hang inside. I haven’t done much else to the inside yet. I had to work on the outside while my contractor was free! I’m hoping to be moved in by this summer!



  1. Adorable! Have fun with this project, Dawn

  2. What fun you are having!! It is adorable.

  3. Very creative -- what you're doing to this play house. I would never have seen such potential in it. It looks just like it was always meant to be a cabin. Great job on the cabin and the little accessories. I love it!!!

  4. I'm adding you to my sidebar...