Monday, February 14, 2011

Wine & Roses

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Look what I found when I got home from work today. Dear Hubby got me a beautiful rose and a bottle of my favorite wine. I told him not to get my anything but he obviously didn’t listen.

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I had been on the look out for a good wine and I came across this wine at a craft show. They were having a wine tasting and everyone was buying the cherry cherry. I overheard people say they had had it before and they wanted some more ( hey how about the little rhyme there?!) anywho, I thought to myself I better try it and I also discovered it was pretty good! It is a sweet wine. Lo and behold I discovered it is sold right here in my hometown at Corner Cottage. It is produced and bottled by The Tabor Family Winery in Baldwin, Iowa.

pcpics 2629.jpg7

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



  1. Wonderful gifts! Are you sharing that wine or keeping it just for yourself? If you are sharing... I will be right over!
    Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Mindy
    Happy Valentines day!
    Sweet gifts, pretty flowers & wine!( aren't ya glad he didn't listen !LOL)

  3. I know that winery! Good choice!
    You have a very sweet hubby!!!!

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your hubby!!!

  5. Mmmm, I'll have to pick one of those up, Grasshoppers in LeClaire, Iowa sells Tabor Wine...and how sweet for him to think of you...he's a keeper!!!

  6. What a sweet hubby. One of my friends gave me a bottle of wine from that vineyard. The cherry is perfect for Valentine's Day. Like the mostly b/w photo. ~Roberta