Monday, February 7, 2011

Thrift Finds

Saturday Rusty and I had to run over to the city and do some errands. I decided to run into the thrift shop over there since I hadn’t been for a long time. I walked away with some goodies! Click pictures to enlarge.

pcpics 2594

I found this rag rug like my grandma had made many a times. I thought the candle holder was neat! The twig chairs I can use outside come Spring. The cute little rocking chair came with the little cushion but I thought I would make a neat chair pad and maybe a little penny rug to toss over the back of it! I also found some old sheet music, great for crafts! Usually I don’t find anything when I go but this time I did find a few treasures.

I hung my candle holder in the bathroom.

pcpics 2598

Don’t forget, I draw the winner of my giveaway February 10th.



  1. Mindy, Great finds. It always thrilling to come home with goodies. Usually it the thing I paid so little for I love the most. Vicky

  2. Goodies!
    The candle holder looks wonderful!

  3. Great finds! The little chairs will be fun to use, inspiring many fun still life settings.