Friday, February 18, 2011


pcpics 2634

Here are a couple of my favorite little pillows. You can click on images to make bigger.

 pcpics 2636

My Spring stitchery…..

pcpics 2639 

pcpics 2642
My tulip penny rug.

pcpics 2646

pcpics 2647

Trying to bring out a few spring things. Naturally this means I have to put the previous things away or find another place for them so right now I’ve got a few things piled on the floor that need to find a home. This is when I start asking myself why I started changing things around! It’s a never ending job!


  1. WOW! I love that tulip penny rug!!! Did you make it? Have a great weekend, Dawn

  2. what a beautiful rug and you have a gorgeous home.

  3. Me the penny your gathering at the fireplace...have a great weekend.

  4. Mindy, Just wanted to let you know that your penny arrived today. I blogged about it. I love it!!! It is perfect. Your work is so very lovely. It is appreciated in it's new home.
    Your little pillows are very cute! Are you using patterns, or designing them yourself?
    Love the new arrangements! I really like the bowls and rack with the berries.
    Have fun decorating your home this weekend!

  5. Ain't that the truth? My Mom never changes anything. Of course, she is 80. I'm trying to get up the oomph to put away my snowmen.
    I love your little pillows. Did you make them?
    Your bowl rack looks great.

  6. Like those little pillows especialy the kittie one. Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  7. Hi!!!! I love the little kittie pillow too!!! Would love to do one like this!!!! hugs

  8. Very nice displays. I love the shelf with the sign.

  9. Hi Mindy,

    Everything looks great~ the display of the fireplace so pretty~the kitty pillow I just love( go figure,LOL)!
    I had to enlarge all the photos~ checking everything out~ I like the twiggy vine on the bowl rack~ Oh, what can I say~ love your decorating!!!Keep moving things around & showing pics~ I so enjoy checking everything out!

  10. Mindy, I love your spring pillows, little things like that add so much to a home during the seasons. I really love the area around your bowl rack display also, very nice. Vicky

  11. To answer a couple of questions,I bought the two little pillows. I made a tulip penny rug and my friend made one so I can't remember if the one in the picture is the one I made or she made. It's been a while back!