Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Maggie Book

Yesterday after work Joan and I made a quick trip to Roca to pick up our new Maggie books! We got to spend some time visiting with Twila at the Log Cabin which is always enjoyable and she had some new wools that we had to partake of!

pcpics 2583

Here are the yummy wool colors….

pcpics 2584

Twila had a wooden bowl filled with her heart collection. They weren’t for sale of course but she had them displayed so everyone could enjoy them. She had a lot of neat ones!

She had another bowl of hearts that were for sale. She had a couple of these that were alike and I asked her if she made them to which she replied yes, so Joan and I had her sign them for us as a keepsake to go in our own heart collections!

pcpics 2587

pcpics 2588

I need to start stitching some more on my quilt backing. I kind of took a break from that and I’m working on a journal cover. I’ll show you it when I’m done. Here is a sneak peak…

pcpics 2590

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  1. hi, Mindy
    the hearts so very pretty!the quilt is looking so warm!LOL, kinda cold today!
    enjoy the day,

  2. Have fun with your new book! Maggie's books are so wonderfully creative and get my imagination running. Your prim heart in darling. You have quite a collection going. Love it. Waiting to see your finished journal.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Love the look of the new book and your new wools are scrummy:))
    Love the little wool heart too-your header looks primtastic:)

    Not sure if you are including international in your giveaway?? But that is a beautiful wool penny rug-love the colours-it would look so well here in Ireland:)

    Have a great weekend,
    Shazy x

  4. Mindy, Does Twilla have a website to get her wool. I have to buy off of ebay. No one around here has wool. Love your colors. I am only on my second block on my Settler's Pride and block 7 came in the mail on Monday. Oh well.
    Tell everyone hello

  5. Mindy, you sweet stinker! I have not yet received my book, but it should (fingers crossed) come in the mail this week. Would love to see more of the hearts from the shop you visited -- do they have a website? Gorgeous wool. Stay warm.

  6. Edie, the place where I go is only open part time, she is not working as much as she use to. She mainly caters to her customers that have been with her a long time. She used to have a website but no longer keeps it up.

  7. Such beautiful wools! I am sure that they will inspire you! Such a sweet heart with tulip ~ perfect for your growing collection!

    Blessings, Patti