Sunday, February 13, 2011

Buttons and Candles

pcpics 2608

 Was just trying to think of little Valentine gifts. I got the little seed holders at Wally World aka Walmart. Then thought I would tie a little button on with some little red berries. I will have to stress that they put the little candle in something else to burn it or the little holder will quickly go up in flames!! That would not be a good situation!

pcpics 2611

Just wrapped some hemp and buttons around my flicker light. Easily removable after Valentines Day!

pcpics 2614

pcpics 2615

pcpics 2619

Just messin around….



  1. Oh my gosh...ok we must be twins...last week I bought peat pots and got out all my buttons and I am planning on decorating the peat pots with my buttons and then when I saw your heart made with the red buttons, I almost laughed out loud....I JUST made one that looks just like yours..TOO FUNNY!! ANYHOW..I love what you created..I like the candles, too..GREAT JOB...Love your blog!!!! Happy Valentine's Day

  2. That's too funny Patti! You know what they say, great minds think alike! lol

  3. Love the buttons - you've done some fun things with them!

  4. Cute idea! I don't have any school age kids at home anymore, but this would have been a cute craft to do at a class Valentine party. Thanks for sharing this. ~Roberta

  5. Sooo cute!!!!!Thanks for sharing it with us..HUgs

  6. Love the look on the candles.

  7. Very creative candle holders! Nice work!

  8. Oh goodness you are so creative. And have a lot more time then me. Love it!!