Thursday, January 27, 2011


Organization. Why can’t I achieve it?  I start out really good and then slowly, ever so slowly “it” comes creeping in. I start a project, or I get an idea and before you know it, I have everything turned upside down.

Ok, so I decided I wanted to hang some curtains in my dining room and I found some that I already had so I went and ironed them, got them all ready to hang (I just had some material hanging over the rods that were there)  I took down the material and the rods were like 3 inches wide so my curtains wouldn’t fit! I’m bummed out now and looking at all my clutter below on the table so I proceed to get that all taken care of. At least that will be an accomplishment of some sort.

WARNING:  the following pictures you are about to see may be disturbing to some. They may leave you feeling troubled and helpless, but if you can hang in there long enough, I promise you things will improve! If you don’t think it will be too overwhelming, you can click on the pictures to make them larger.

Need a bigger basket, don’t ya think?

pcpics 2550

Ok, let me explain the cookie sheet under there. If you know about primming things up, you sometimes got to bake them in the oven and I don’t want to use the same cookie sheet for baking food!

pcpics 2551

pcpics 2552

pcpics 2553

A monkey, Santa and 3 little dolls……..seriously?!?

pcpics 2554

Ok, now we are looking a little better. Can you feel yourself breathing again?

pcpics 2556

I thought I would make a grouping of some of the things I have made to keep me inspired, or should I say to keep me making messes!

pcpics 2558

Who knows how long it will stay like this, probably until I get another idea or start another project.

pcpics 2557

pcpics 2559.jpg9

It’s looking better for now anyway!

pcpics 2555

Hope you weren’t too frightened by my before pictures!



  1. Looks great!
    Serously can't even tell it is the same room!LOL!
    I was not frightened, ok maybe a tiny bit!lOL
    but I love before & after makes us appreciate it!
    enjoy the evening

  2. Just love all of your wool works, they are so beautiful. I really want to try to do the "Oh Bed" quilt. Have you tried that yet? Dawn

  3. Lol, it looks like my table when I am changing things around. It seems like I have to get half my stuff out, look at it, try it out, then finally end up with what I like. The bright side is that everything is neat and reorganized when you put it all away. I like what you have done. Inspirational.

  4. Oh Please, you are an amateur. I am the queen of making a mess. I am like you however. I try to find a safety pin and I make a mess that looks like a bomb exploded in my craft room. It drives me absolutely insane too. I have a mess right now in every room down here a few of the bedrooms upstairs. However, it is organized chaos though. That is the most we can ever ask for.

  5. The more I try to be neat and organized, the messier the project becomes....LOL
    I love your finished projects !! Beautiful !! Stay creative !!

  6. Mindy - Your after pictures look really good, but if you're anything like me things will be back to 'normal' messy soon enough! LOL!

    I don't think I've noticed your beautiful dining table before. I am needing a new table and want to make one very similar to yours out of old wool. Did you make it? If so, can you offer me any advice?

  7. No Gayle I didn't make my table. I sure wish I could do something like that!

  8. Mindy - Thank you for having the courage to take a picture to show that I am not the only one who is messy while being creative. Thanks for sharing! HUGS... and stitches
    p.s. Your after pictures look so inviting and they are giving me some incentive to go straighten up!

  9. Mindy, I had to comment on this. All I want to know is how you got pictures of my house. When I was in the middle of creating snowmen, you could not see my dining room table, my kitchen, it was in the den, the sewing room was somewhere under there. I guess it comes with creating. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Vicky