Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Sayings

pcpics 2485

Don’t you always have neat sayings you come across and really like and  think, oh, I should make a stitchery of that, but yet you can only have so many of those as there is only so much room to put them. Well I have a wooden bowl full of little pillows, some I’ve made and some I’ve bought, that have little sayings on them that I like. Once in awhile I will pick them up and read them and am reminded of why I like them. Here are just a few of them. You can click images to make larger.

pcpics 2490 

Each day comes just once in a lifetime. Just stop and think about it. You will never be able to repeat this day again, you can not go back and redo it, so we should make the best of it we can. On the other hand, there are some days that we can truly be glad that they only come once in a lifetime.

pcpics 2488

B-I-B-L-E  Basic Instructions before leaving Earth. A favorite of mine for obvious reasons.

pcpics 2492

AS I love the things of old and they truly speak to me, I honestly believe I have a primitive heart and spirit.

pcpics 2493

Loving my children as I do, I wanted to stitch a little something to stress that fact, so I made a little pillow with each of their names.

pcpics 2495

I haven’t made any for awhile but I’m always writing down sayings that I come across and like, so whether I stitch them up or just keep them in a book, I have them to refer to.



  1. Those are just darling!! especially in that bowl...Im a sucker for those kinda things!

  2. Hi Mindy, I love your idea!! What a great way to display all those wonderful sayings that we all love. The ones with your children's names is so sweet!!

  3. Hi, Mindy

    Oh, I love them all, I really love the post!
    thanks for making my day better!(each day comes just once in a lifetime & Bible!)

    enjoy your day! Smiles

  4. Hi Mindy, thanks for stopping by, yes Tasha Tudor was an inspiration to many of was the Geico pig...what a hoot for a cell phone ring...I LOVE IT!!! Love all your prim stitches, I do lots of samplers on old doilies and table clothes, we just love homey, plain and simple!