Monday, January 31, 2011

Backing going on Maggie Quilt

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pcpics 2559.jpg9

pcpics 2563

Uh Oh everyone, remember that dining room table I just cleared off?Well it’s kind of got something on it again. It’s ok though because I am working on getting my backing on my quilt. Awesome Joan got the back pieced for me so now I’ve got to sew it on and I am doing it all by hand.

pcpics 2565.jpg5

I don’t know but I’m thinkin I have a long ways to go yet….. as you can see in the picture above….

Here is the backing that I chose.

pcpics 2568

It will look really nice when I at last get it all sewed on. Just not quite sure when or how old I will be by that time!

I have a little thought to share I hope that you will read, it’s just a small request that I’m thinking I will need.

In the evening when you’re home wondering what to do, just say a little prayer for me that eventually I’ll get through!




  1. That backing fabric is totally perfect for your quilt - it's so close to being done I bet you can TASTE it! LOL

  2. What a gorgeous quilt and the backing is beautiful. Can't wait to see a pictures of the whole thing! Dawn

  3. The backing is perfect for your Maggie quilt. Can't wait to see it finished. You have done a beautiful job. Thnaks for visiting and your kind words.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful. The backing is perfect. Saying a prayer right this minute that you get it done :)

  5. Perfect backing, Mindy. I just need to finish and attach the bottom border on mine (hopefully within the next 10 days), and then I'll be there with you stitch for stitch, but you'll be finished with yours in no time! Sweet prayers for your speedy and sure fingers!

  6. Absolutely beautiful job on the quilt! Not sure how long it took you to do the top, but after all that work I'm sure you'll get the quilting done as well-saying a little prayer for you right now. I'm your 99th follower so you're almost to your goal! Good luck. ~Roberta

  7. Beautiful, Beautiful!
    Prayer for you!

  8. did I miss THIS? It's simply stunning Mindy!

  9. Hi Mindy...
    I saw your sunflower on your header and did a double take...SETTLER'S PRIDE!!! I scrolled down until I found it!! Lovely! I am just working on my top border and bottom border...and as I stitch I am wondering how to finish it off? Did you put batting in your quilt? Are you blanket stitching around your edge or are you putting on a binding?? Must go back further in your blog and see what you did...thanks so much!! If you go to my blog you can see my progress so far...