Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Journal of Long Ago

I have been reading my great great grandmothers journal off and on. It has been very interesting. She wrote about her everyday life and the things they did. I like to think about those days and to try and picture them as they went about their routines. I came across this very interesting, or at least interesting to the people of Hamburg, paragraph where she says an Aunt Lydia helped to decorate the first Christmas tree that was ever decorated in Hamburg. This was in the year 1866. I wished she would have elaborated more and told where this tree was and just more information about it.

So….assuming this is correct, Hamburg’s first decorated Christmas tree was in 1866!

Here is the paragraph, you can click on it to make it bigger. 

pcpics 2151

I thought it would be neat to make something as a little reminder of this fact, so this is what I did.

pcpics 2140

pcpics 2144

Now every year when I dig out my Christmas things, I will always be reminded of this long ago event.



  1. What a neat thing to do, Mindy. It would make Great Great grandma, as well as your Great Grandma, and your Grandma, so pleased and proud. How fortunate we are to be able to read this journal, written by Grandma nearly 145 years ago. Almost like having a conversation with her.

  2. Woops! I meant to say, written by Grandma about 'about an event that happened' nearly 145 years ago.

  3. That is so lovely Mindy!! What a great memory you will have.


  4. What a VERY special treasure you have Mindy.-absolutely priceless! I love the stitchery you made for the occasion.You have made your part of the memory too.TFS.

  5. How is great is have her journal and I love what you very special!

  6. How special to have her journal!
    The writing; don't you just love it so pretty!
    They were like artist, writing!

    What a beautiful stitchery!

    So special, thanks for sharing, I would so enjoy to hear more!

  7. Hi Mindy, thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I just joined yours and have browsed a little bit, I can tell I am going to enjoy following!! You have a beautiful home. Love the stitchery you made, how awesome to have the journal. I just love things with a history and a story to tell us.