Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Church Christmas Open House

You can make the pictures bigger by clicking on them. Check out this gingerbread house Phyllis Layman made. Isn’t it the cutest? I told her I wanted to go inside of it and play!

pcpics 2207

pcpics 2208

pcpics 2209

There were a few table centerpieces provided. This one is Joan Tiemeyer’s.

pcpics 2212

This one is JoAnn Birkby’s.

pcpics 2225

This one is mine. I bet you were able to guess that.

pcpics 2215

This one is Phyllis Layman’s.

pcpics 2217

pcpics 2218

pcpics 2219

This table is Penny Warren’s.

pcpics 2222

pcpics 2223

pcpics 2226

pcpics 2227

pcpics 2228

pcpics 2229

pcpics 2230

We made cookies from the recipes in our cookbooks.

pcpics 2231

pcpics 2232

pcpics 2233 

pcpics 2239

pcpics 2234

Hope you enjoyed the tour!



  1. So pretty is a Church all dressed up!
    Beautiful displays!
    thanks for sharing enjoyed the tour!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful displays. I love your snowman with Maggie runner. Your church is so festive and inviting.

  3. I could tell your display Mindy! It looks wonderful as does the rest of your Church.You've all been so busy.Love the mouse in your header piccie too.I bought the same one this year.He's soooo cute!

  4. Beautiful displays!! I love your snowman display, my favorite thing is snowmen. The cookies look yummy!! Thanks for sharing.