Friday, November 12, 2010

Treasures from yesterday

Paula at Red Door Primitives had some pictures marked way down and I picked up this one because I love gourds and it is such a neat picture I thought.

pcpics 1948

I need Christmas decorations like I need a hole in the head. I have enough now to decorate a city, BUT, this particular Santa caught my eye right off and I stood and stared at him for quite some time and told myself I don’t need another Christmas item so I went on looking around and the next thing I knew I saw someone carrying around that Santa. I immediately started arguing with myself.  I said, “self, I told you it was a neat Santa, it was one of those things that you were just automatically drawn to, you loved it the first minute you saw it and yet you walked away, now someone else is going to enjoy it.” Oh well, what’s done is done So I continued on looking. After some time I saw the lady with the Santa holding it up and looking at it, setting it down and looking at it. Could it be? Could it be she’s thinking about not getting it? I felt I must stay close by just in case she decided to put it down! YES, she put him down! I made my move, I hurried over and quickly snatched him up, he’s mine! The Santa is mine!!  Paula made him by the way.

pcpics 1954

Then I picked up this battery operated flicker candle.

pcpics 1956

Last but not least I got this wooden box.

pcpics 1959 Those are my treasures from Red Door Primitives.


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  1. Oh, the Santa is so Prim! Yep, I can see where he was a must!