Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweet Annie’s Christmas Open House

Joan and I made a trip to Sweet Annie’s Christmas Open House. It was very nice!The weather was nice, a little windy, but nice. I tried to get a picture of the log cabin in the window that Phil made but I kind of got a reflection going there.

pcpics 1902

They had a little fire going outside and some yummy refreshments. The fire was nice and toasty!

pcpics 1899

 pcpics 1901

pcpics 1904

pcpics 1900

I found me this little crow on sale. I also purchased this little pewter votive holder for $3.00. They said it was from a Colorado mine. They had several of these but they were flying out the door.

pcpics 1908

I picked up the Christmas issue of my favorite new magazine. These were also flying out the door.

pcpics 1911

When we arrived it was not quite 4:00 so there was a line of people waiting outside to go in. Everyone was anxiously waiting for the door to open. Of course if money was no object, I could have easily purchased a few more things, but you know how it is, we can’t have everything!!

Thanks Phil and Linda for your wonderful Open House!


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  1. I loved Sweet Annie's open house too! Did you see the angel food cake pans with a candle and chimney in it? I saw a bunch walk out as we were walking in - no more to be had once inside. Shucks! Did manage to find something to take home with me though! HUGS...